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Keith. Running around reader Chen leader that's like come on. And I imagine him sounding like a New Yorker. He's a little New York kid just in London's east end for no reason right is when things start entering the. Yeah. The the hook. Should be a movie if it's not already it should be. I don't watch British movies that aren't the hot fuzz. Sure. That's the one. That's that's the only British coacher. I'm aware understand also had one of their pies once which was actually pudding or vice versa. I forget what putting yes. Uh-huh. Disgusting. Yeah. A hot fuzz quitting hot firs. I guess be like peach peach pudding, I mean, actually, I putting I dunno know you trying to make hot fuzz pudding sound appetizing. I do love blood pudding, which is actually just a sausage. Basically putting sticky toffee pudding that sounds like a sticky different thing. Give it a old sticky toffee pudding. Why do they call people governor? Everyone's governor there. Oh. Oh, awesome. 'cause they controlled so much of the world every day everybody. All right. On the next Ron burgundy podcast. This is actually exciting. You got Mr Peter Dingle. He's Chang's impersonal poetry. So a lot of people actually find poetry interesting. The sound machine away series thrown of games game of thrones rod in any surprises. We can expect from Tylenol Lancaster, curious minister. I heart radio is number one for podcasts. And it's easy to see. Why? The Ron burgundy podcast on iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. And we're back. Okay. So the battle of cable street was a major victory for anti fascism in England, but it was not the end of Oswald Moseley's movement or even fascism in the eastern of London as the times of Israel noted quote in the aftermath of it mostly henchmen issued blood-curdling threats. It is about time. The British people of the east in new that London's Pogam is not very far away. Now warned high-ranking thug. Mick Clarke Moseley's coming every night of the week in the future to rid east London. And by God, there is going to be a pogrom Pogam is when you murder bunch of Jewish people break their stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Moseley was not in the east end every night of the week. As a matter of fact, he flew off to Germany not long after the battle of cable street to get married at Joseph Gurbuz house. Oh could. Yep. Yeah. You did. Yeah. A nice house stolen. Yeah. Of course, you gotta go get go to the house. Gerbeau? Yeah. But Moseley's men stayed active in the east end the weekend after the battle of cable street was witness to the worst spree of anti semitic violence in the history of modern England, it's gone down in history. The pogrom of mile end two hundred of Moseley's blackshirts ran around Stepney, an eastern neighbourhood and shattered the shop and house windows of every Jewish family. They could find they tossed an old man in a girl through window, Manchester and Leeds also saw violent attacks. Some people argue that the battle of cable street wound up being a propaganda victory for the fascist. It's hard to say whether or not that is true. But membership in Moseley's group surged by two thousand people in the immediate wake of the battle. This surge was not evidence of long lived political viability, though, six months after cable street Moseley attempted a major electoral push for the BUF in the east end. He framed the decision as between us and the parties of jewelry and yet in spite of all that local blackshirts only earned one fifth of the vote cable street also lead to increased regulations on violent political groups, the police pushed par. Lament to pass a public order act. Among other things banned the wearing of political uniforms in public and gave the police the power to ban marches for political purposes. It also allowed police to arrest. Speakers who say directed violent rhetoric towards the Jews or other minority groups so you might argue that cable street will not decisive defeat of fascism prompted the government and police to actually do a damn thing about all the God damn fascist marching around in the streets. And that that help kill off the movement. Others would argue that the main effect of cable street in the immediate term was to let the Jews of London that they were not alone. Bernard copes was ten years old during the battle and a Jew. He would later tell the BBC quote. My mother said there were only two types of people in the world, Jews and Jewish leaders. Of course, when cable street came along the Irish, laborers dockers came out, and it was them that really made. Sure Moseley didn't get through my mother and father really had to change their minds after that and accept that. Others did come to help us out so complicated legacy. Yeah. The British union fascist stop wearing their blackshirts after cable street, but Moseley continued to be. A major part of British political life for years to come. He diverted his focus away from the Jewish question and rewrote himself. As a defender of peace. Of course, this was peace with the Nazis because Oswald, really quite like, the Nazis more palatable to the broader British public straight racial hatred. He developed a brilliant slogan during this period, you wanna you wanna guess what that slogan was killed Britain. I is it. America for. No. That would not have that was my second. Guess. No. In britain. I. In fact, himself working more and more with Neville Chamberlain governments in its efforts to appease Zeman's, the BUF hit its greatest number of members fifty thousand in nineteen thirty four, but it continued to remain a force in British politics until nineteen forty in nineteen thirty nine mostly was able to attract twenty thousand people to a peace rally things, of course, changed rather abruptly winning Lind went to war with the Nazi Germany. The view F was banned having never succeeded in gaining parliamentary representation the government turned many prominent members of the BU after the war. Let's they act as an enemy fifth column. Inside England Moseley was initially moved to Brixton prison, but eventually upgraded to the nicer Holloway prison when he got sick at of Winston Churchill's desire that he not die in become a martyr which. Reasonable. Yeah. Gain a lot going on the things criticized Churchill about whatever one. Yeah. I get that after the war Moseley attempted to rebrand himself as normal conservative politician. He formed the union movement and ran for parliament again in nineteen fifty nine right after the Notting hill race riots. According to the telegraph, quote, his campaign called for forced repatriation of Caribbean. Immigrants and prohibition on mixed marriage. He's just a Nazi and a slightly more advanced day. He never again succeeded in gaining significant political standing when he died in nineteen eighty he left behind a legacy of hatred and bigotry that persist in the UK to this day the organization Britain, I was founded in two thousand eleven by former members of the British National Party, it campaigns against multiculturalism with Christian patrols of Muslim neighborhoods in mosques its name was of course, spawned by that rally held by Oswald. Moseley nineteen thirty nine in two thousand seventeen Britain first campaigners edited together, a false video purporting to show a Muslim man attacking a woman on crutches. They tweeted this video out, and it was re tweeted by President Donald Trump when President Donald Trump was criticized for this White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said whether it's a real video the threat is real. In March two thousand nineteen a piece of shit shot and killed fifty people at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand. He published a manifesto online in noted sir Oswald Mosley as his number one ideological influence, obviously, quite a lot of what he wrote in that manifesto was calculated nonsense, but not this over and over again throughout the manifesto. The shooter expressed clear mostly views, he believed white countries should be completely independent both economically and in terms of their population. They should be cut off from immigration from the rest of the world. His desire was for the white world to remain in a state of autarky and in to multiculturalism, and so more than eighty years after the battle of cable street the ideals of Oswal mostly live on. As they dont. Yeah.

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