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Leave me that like getting that phone call and i'm like what is happening like i couldn't understand him on the phone like babe just stick brat like i believe you like say nothing happened then like like don't worry about it and he's like put it's not okay like believe me and they make hits la la and this just like now finally yes because not a lot on my side about it she wasn't saying one until the war went on and then it was like bay kono me so she was like thank god see me it's funny that krista she's just she took it around in beautiful way because i slightly throws water like that and catch and like has me i'm just so getting my pink thanks tom bolt me people in this podcast studio who did not have not watched that episode and there were excited gas crazy last question there's a ring on your ring finger those normally boil up him married yet yeah i don't have any and you'll know you'll notice hovering finger fis before mine thank you oh money so much fun thing good luck tonight i'm excited to see the performance that'll be okay let's get into rosenthal okay let's do rose and thorn my rose was and this is like to the editing team when we saw carol exercising for the marathon they used like rocky music s couldn't get them on they tried their darn this it was so funny going to the gym even once a week is a huge accomplishment and i'm starting to run two miles three miles six miles gogo from my longest run was twenty one miles but for me that's incredible i've never run across street to get cab i'm gonna give my rose to southern charm talk about obviously we want to and shows just amazing my thorn is going to be.

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