Michael Flynn, DOJ, Susan Rice discussed on Glenn Beck


The dossier before january fifth wheel weird before he was briefed by his intelligence community on just how much did he know i think that's going to be a very significant question that needs to be answered and you know when you talk about leaks the number of leaks that have come out in the last year and and some which are just factually wrong others which are national security related particularly with regard to dead national security advisor michael flynn and his conversation with and bath your teeth we act these are some of these leaks are criminal and they're investigating them right now is the doj and i think that uh putting these questions out there giving them till march ii i believe with they don't answer as the next step would be the subpoena them or what connection i think that this is related in any way to what we learned about susan rice and her memo to self on january 20th inauguration day uh just before she was leaving the white house for the last time and she writes oh night go to self barack obama said do it by the book he said do it by the book he said do it by the book uh when she wrote that no to self which was interesting to made a is this in relation to what might have come up with a january fifth meeting because they were also talking about not telling the trump administration the incoming administration uh anything or a lot of things about this ad for wear reacting to you brian mulroney gradepoint there and it added according her thornton light though can like relating to that as well and that front being that they wanna with you and think about this sean and this is a question that keep coming at wing that strange email to yourself susan rice and and when she talked about doing it by the book why did they do other things not by the book beforehand that they have to you know that she out to overly emphasis i do it by the book in this particular instance you know was this a cya as people are are eating you know based on that the strange this and this email that she sending it to.

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