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And you know what spawned your interests of it i think i heard dominant douglas tino on the tim ferriss show in dr peter tia both talking about it on fair geyser both great they're savages you know they have a wealth of knowledge and you know really what intrigued me was the the cognitive function you know the these these supposed claims that it can help you think more clearly retain more information and lower systemic inflammation and you know coming out of fighting in two thousand fourteen knowing i had taken my lumps of had my left eye blown out twice left eyebrow fractured jaw broken in two places among all the other body injuries still great just my head yeah thank you brother you know all those things played a factor but really it was it was about the brain you know and i think giving it a real go the first time the first time i really got into nutritional ketosis i just i could retain everything i mean those flying through books still still reading but a much faster pace and really able to retain the information that was the telltale sign that drew me in in maybe wanna learn more and type two diabetes runs on my mom's side of the family type three diabetes alzheimer's runs on my father's side and you know reading grain brain from dr david promoter cement that you know really the the chronic elevation of blood sugar and how it contributes to a myriad of diseases and that was kind of the nail in the coffin for me to want to continue to learn about it and really fine tune what works since that point you know getting back into jujitsu and in high intensity intervals powerlifting with jesse burdock things like that there has been a time and a place where i needed carbohydrates for performance and i think what's beautiful now in books.

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