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Tuned at city hall Pat lobe K. Y. W. newsradio fundraising continues for a foundation named after two members who died when the car slammed into the vehicle they were riding the vehicle they were riding in rather after the twenty nineteen mummers parade Hey why W. John McDevitt reports you organization helps members of the mummers community in need it's called the Palantir furry memorial foundation named after the south Philly string band members killed after a car crashed head on into the vehicle that they were riding in after the two thousand nineteen mummers parade Denny prolong drove junior Joe ferry and ferries fiance Kelly wisely died the foundation race forty thousand dollars over the year James don't io is a board member all the money that is raised will be you know used to take to do good works in that these young people's memories and you know will never forget them one of the good work she says was a donation to help a family pay for loved ones funeral foundation or wants to also award scholarships in the future caps shirts mugs with the Alondra very memorial foundation logo on them are being sold online donations are accepted to more information at okay what have you news radio dot com in South Philadelphia John McDevitt he one of the news radio Japanese authorities have been stunned by news that former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has fled while on bail to Lebanon BBC news reporter Garth Barlow has details Connell skating shouldn't have been able to leave Japan he surrendered his principles it was supposed to us for a course permission to travel so when he unexpectedly arrived in Lebanon Japanese authorities was stoned unless scrambling for instance Joan who has Lebanese and French passports it's not supposed to travel while facing financial misconduct allegations more workers will become eligible tomorrow for overtime pay starting January first the threshold for exempting workers from overtime is raised to thirty five thousand five hundred sixty eight dollars a year former cut off was twenty four thousand six hundred it's expected to make an additional one point three million salaried employees eligible for time and a half after forty hours a week Pennsylvania labor and industry deputy secretary Jennifer Berrier believes most workers will not have to fight for the extra cash important for the most part are pretty cognizant of this overtime rules so I expect most employers will comply it's the first change in federal overtime rules in more than fifteen years Jody steeled for CBS news Pittsburgh still ahead whatever do you think is the most annoying word of the year one of these four to five thank you for your continued support wishes you a safe and happy new year Tom Kelly Sixers.

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