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Seventy five she started working in the men's basketball office in nineteen seventy six coach Jud Heathcote at the age of nineteen. Thank you for your forty three years up commitment, the Spartan basketball, Ed. Athletic. Lori soderbergh. Can you believe she started with judge voted? Tonight. We'll present a gift to the graduating student secretaries, Jillian K is can ECOMOG major from Ben Michigan Jillian joined by her. Parents. And jeannie. Her played on the national championship team with magic and calcium and all those data. Rick kay. Is a lot of pictures. CD's powers is a marketing and advertising, major from Benton. Michigan. CD's is joined by her mom O'Brien. Actually met Sadi's at the Las Vegas Invitational. A take charge kind of person does a great job. Our senior managers pollen Donald a journalism major from Troy Michigan college joined by his parents and his sister. Claire. Bat. Big Lori is he can eat theology. Made from Clarkston Michigan bat is joined by his parents, David and Marcella grandmother, Lois and his brother in. These managers special. We do a whole special unjustly quality of these individuals and what they go on to accomplish later. No doubt about it. Very accomplished individuals after Michigan state, and they just put in so many hours. They work extremely hard. I've often told players make sure you connect yourself with these managers these guys go on and do very well, Bryan Novak is a secondary education major from mount prospect, Illinois, Brian is joined by parents, John, and Cheryl and his brother Andrew. Well, Andrew is a former manager also worked on the staff after graduation. And. He's working with the Minnesota Timberwolves, right? That's right. It's rake is those guys go by their last. So nobody like nobody somebody comes along with whatever. Between Brian and his brethren is a marketing major from Awasa Michigan. David is joined by merit date at Robin. His sister's verandah Caitlyn and his brother. This is getting a little choked up over there. His dad went on to become a greater school basketball coach and also was on the staff of won the national championship in two thousand. I was saying between Brian Andrew Novak. I've probably talked to those two talk my own brother over the years. Brosseau kissing inspired yet. Thank you, senior managers for your heart works at dedicated. That's give all. Next effort. Conversation from the two seniors county goings and also that mcquaid. Danny. Big ten championship was definitely a highlight of my career game. Three. Enough. All those memories. I would say in Michigan alone hitting the Wisconsin showers. A real big moment for me personally just being able to come alive. In the last couple minutes. Stop here for Corey. Huge for Kenny going. You know, I really hope people just promoter MIR someone just tried to give it all for sparked nation. You know, always. But. Ceelo yourself in me and being a truce barn. Inside. I want to thank all the coaches for giving me an opportunity to be here. Every single one of my teammates played with because I don't think every anywhere. Nearly as good as I am now without their family because they really keep me grounded. Another love and coming all the games really going. So. By fourteen blocked by coins? Winston. It was a beautiful for trialling. Kennedy going going. Oh, here comes the three ball mcquaid slab. I. There's more than good. Teddy going down. God. Michigan state a year later here scholarship appeared in more than one hundred and twenty two this career with forty four starts. Richard. Season started every single K averaging eight points and nine rebounds. Brigade waking among the top fifty in the country, they'd rebounds giddy earned his degree in advertising. From Troy Michigan joined by parents and Laura Tetra Caitlin with Linda. And his girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen Getty. Just some guy the one of the BS part and an amazing. You know, what a career he's had? And he's playing great and finishing a history airplane. Some of the best basketball. He's ever play sixteen rebounds in this title game tonight. E one offer career high. And that is as big ten career-high what a performance in the night before against Nebraska career, high twenty four you. He's had four straight games now where he's made three threes. We're going to talk about. Storms. Campus. Some of my favorite memories. Michigan state starting from. Going to. O'byrne Kosovo's team, you know. Grows. Cool beans. For more than basketball. Experience. Playing in the Bahamas. Was really cool. He's playing different teams from around the country. There is a experience last year in the big ten championship. Miles and ios one. Never forget. Want to be remembered as somebody that never took a day off know? All the time. Push through always wanted the big shots and grew to become a better year vocally on the Korean off the court. There's so many people I need to thank you know. First off coaches giving me the opportunity to come to such a great school employees for coach is really homey, girl. The player. I am today. No, he recruited me to you know, he's a great coach. Jeez. Crazy. He always keeps us laughing. But at the same time accuser real does DT always hoping things they'd be coaching staff and often. Team that I came through here with. Development become become more of a man. Drama brothers. My family, especially my momma, dad. My brother and my sister, you know. I wouldn't be in the situation. Play for free. Come back for maverick. For the lead mcquaid for. Well, if you wanna get away you might as well. Style goes over to mcquaid drives a baseline. Oh. The corner. The latest twenty five. Seven points in this game mcquaid splash and ramped asked the guy for Michigan state mcquaid. Played is co captain it is it here in more than one hundred thirty games during his career. He has been recognized as one of the teams shooters, but through his career has developed into one of the team. Good player. They fear here deputy more than nine points per game and ranked among the Greek shooters in the big ten Matt will graduate in may with eight degree in advertising from Duncanville, Texas. He is joined by Robin. Karen, brother, Mike and his sister. Andrea, ladies and gentlemen, number twenty. What? Mcquaid Cam in Madison shooter, you still shooter. But boy, he become independent came a defender brand of point for awhile. And does very well when he was asked to do it. So mcquaid became an all round player in his four years here. No doubt. Hard to find a guy that worked harder out of the Matt McCoy. South of cannon. And guys both played her. They battled. Stop. The other day when players down who stepped up. Mcrae. Kenny. Best we've shooting everybody who was getting hurt. Right. Exactly. We're going to do something for you saw.

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