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Watch presi playing. JJ band. Eighty is in the neighborhood, man. Fifteen is. And you got some heavy hitters on air to. But we're gonna come back, and we're gonna talk about that. But what I do wanna talk to you about is what have you failed about the neighborhood since the last time we saw. I love live. But I did see some where it was like Seattle was in here. Yadi breath. Praising me like. Yeah, we. Whatever. I come up negative Lena conversation, and it's all we'll look how she came up. And I know it was a Yahoo. Had a lot to say. Finding mad weird how I could come coming here. And it's like y'all, and then it's like, I'll leave and then y'all wanna bring up some of the negative when I come up negatively. Why can't you just be like that all round like why can you be positive? All right. Catch me have to come back. And why does why does the fighting with like why does that have to what you know? What also? And I know that probably didn't come from me. But that's also being that's that's part of your story. You know what I'm saying? That's part of your store a lot of times where you probably didn't see how many times we backed you up. You saw a caption of something that probably happened in the neighborhood. And then somebody showed that to four reaction. That's not all the time. Because if you didn't if what does you wouldn't be here if I didn't if you you definitely wouldn't be safe. You know what I'm saying? So I just wanted to make sure that we did address that like it wasn't. No, no. We don't have to say I'm saying that is not what we just like everything. Like, we're not going to address it. I wanted to make sure that we got that out the way you don't have saying go ahead. I'll speak for myself. I know that I said that I didn't like Gucci flip-flops. I didn't like it. And if you don't like my opinion, that's fine. Yeah. But that doesn't mean that I don't which you just because I don't like your song Verna business to share our opinions based on things that we like things that we don't like. No, not mean. So like, it's more just like we do share. Our opinions about every artist that does come up in here and bigs actually, right? We've defended you a lot on here. I get what you're saying. It's the way I seen it. I didn't watch the whole interview added knows going on. I just seen snippy. I had was so cool about only decided next thing. And then it's just the opposite. You just look to face and chrome where I'm from where I come from from where I was raised spot. It's who phase person. No matter who it is guy or girl before I even hear holiday talk for what they do is. I just know people's lives under people, right? And it's obvious. You don't know we from me. Yeah..

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