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It's 11 11 on w T, O P and a huge day, of course in the world of politics as former vice President Joe Biden and President Trump debate tonight for the first time, it could be the most watched political debate ever. Being moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News and will be held in Cleveland. Joining us live now with a preview Axios White House reporter Elena Train. Thanks for joining us this morning. How do the president and how will the president and the former vice president go at each other tonight to score points? What do they each have to do to Ah, to make the other guy look bad? Well, it's definitely going to be an interesting day, and I think a lot of people, including both the president's campaign and Joe Biden's campaign, see, this is one of the last real inflection points before November. Where 35 days away, and so, like you said they have A lot of ideas of how to make the other guy look worse. So I think that the president's team is looking at a few big themes, including out, baby. Speaking up about the Supreme Court fight, trying to use Judge Amy Cockney Barrett as a vehicle T beat, bite and really into turning off centrist voters. They think that if they can get the president can get Joe Biden to kind of go after any Cockney bearing an attacker in a certain way, a road one of Biden's biggest traits positive traits, which is that he has Great moral character that he is empathetic on DH that he you know, compared to the president is seen as a, you know, stronger from a character point of view. The Biden team plans to really make this about health care, at least the Supreme Court specifically, they tried. You know, it's something that I think Democrats did very well in 2018 during the midterms. Health care was a massive issue that drove about a lot of voters to the polls, and they're going to try to do that again this year in November, so those are some bigger themes that I think we should expect tonight. Elena. What are some of the issues that worry strategists? What are some of the things that are keeping them up a night that they perhaps you don't want to see happen? I think in a lot of ways, it's what they're more worried about is they're giving more time to what they're worried about them. They are what they're hoping will happen. I think for the president overconfidence. It's the main thing that AA lot of strategists and people on his campaign have told me they're concerned about. They're worried that he hasn't prepared enough that he thinks he's going, Tio. Glide into these bait debates and bulldoze over Joe Biden on and it's really something that a lot of his aides have told the president Don't view it that way. He knows what he's doing. He's a veteran politician on DH. Others have mentioned, you know, incumbents tend to not do as well in the first debate. We saw that with Barack Obama going up against Mitt Romney. Andi. So this idea that he isn't preparing enough is probably the main thing for the president on then, if you look at Joe Biden, his gas, I think are the big thing for the Democrats. They worry that he's going to misspeak seemed to lose his train of thought something that the president will call him out there planning to call him out on the debate stage about trying to make Joe Biden seemed like he know isn't with the time that he's too old to take office. And it's something that a lot of voters have also shown concern about another thing with Joe Biden that they're worried about. Is that deference to the moderate or something? We saw him Dio during the primary debates, and many people worry that will feed on advert only ground to the president. If he's Constantly kind of giving up time and listening too much to Chris Wallace, the balconies debate moderator tonight, Elena. Thank you. For that perspective. We appreciated as we get ready for tonight's first of eight. That's actually does the White House reporter Elena Train? Don't forget to begins at nine o'clock tonight will be live, streaming it. W t o p dot com Were you prescribe Suboxone film for the treatment of opioid addiction If you were prescribe.

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