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Rules. Blinky couldn't be driven because it didn't have an engine. So it was towed to schools and events and took part in the annual Toronto Santa Claus parade. By the 1970s, blinky was so popular, Erwin toys and tonka got into a bidding war to license blinky toys, t-shirts, and collectibles. But the Toronto metro police who were blinky's guardians rejected the offers. In 1975, the Toronto star paid for a short ten minute blinky safety film. The voice of blinky was performed by the late great land Carlson, who I did many commercials with back in the day. Hi. My name is blinky. Well, that's part of my name. My whole name is blinky the talking police car. Over 100,000 students saw that film. When visiting schools, blinky had two different presentations depending on the age of the school kids. Kindergartners got a song and a poem. Great aiders got a frightening demonstration where blinky slowly backed over a doll filled with red paint. But by 2005, blinky was in a sorry state. His speakers had been removed, his blinking system had broken down, and he had won malfunctioning eye. I feel you blinky. These days, the once famous talking police car is mostly retired, but blinky still makes an

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