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I have one more of these. Four you will w we have a bunch of questions to get to cole beasley. Adam talked about him earlier. Hit twenty point. Mark actually Point work for the third time this season. He was double digit points for the eighth time. This season kenny. Do it again next week vs steelers adam. One hundred person especially against the steelers man steelers. You're going to be just passed this a big big game for the afc. I mean you know the steelers got the first law so the bills have i guess. Some outstanding chance still getting a by It's like the steelers. Were to lose out or something crazy but But yeah i mean as game script goes. This is a game that i expect to be high scoring and i expect to be a shootout of sorts Though the bills are going to be throwing the football and we've seen from this on offenses. Kobe was going to get a ton of targets. Stefan day's gonna targets and josh allens run all over make plays and because of that. I mean for me. Kobe's like must start guy. Maybe i'm crazy but top twenty. Npr so far this year so crazy like a fox. Josh adam crazy no he he could do it again. I mean the guys like you can basically only men for six or seven targets game. And he's going to have a few with twelve thirteen. Eleven these done. He's had three games with double digit targets. So it's it's happening Beasley his game. Give me folks feel good about me. Feel good animals. Nicest thing that's happening for you met last. See kobe's getting all this love all right. We got a bunch of listener questions today. we'll try to get through these as best as we can We don't always prepare for the listener questions. We like to kind of free. Sally's bab way. So we'll see what we have here in front of us This one is directed to adam his specifically for adam. And it's a question that we visited a lot this year. Thanks justin at jackson. F f underscore. After watching four years are refialy going to see a breakout season. Twenty twenty for corey. Davis adam landed. Yeah i get it. I get it. It's trolling me. it's fine. i still don't think. Torii avis is good. So there's but you know he's he's been good this season Aj brown has not really. So there's that jonnu smith and injured up so there's that derrick. Henry hasn't gotten nearly the that has in the past so i think there's a lot of factors that go into corey. Davis is a guy that we saw multiple seasons year after year. Have high expectations completely fail on those expectations and he finally goes off his fifth year in the league. Just so happens to be the year where there's tons of situational things going on Maybe it's no fans in the stands. Maybe that's what gets him to play well But you know hats off to corey davidson in all honesty for for being somebody who most people have completely road all if you stuck with him. year after year after year. Well you were a loser. Most of that time this year this year it's great And hats off to you. Because i surely didn't see this coming But if he's shown us anything. I mean core davis can have huge performances. I think going into next year. I'll be very very interested to see where a guy like. Corey davis is drafted. I expect him to be overdrafted. Very much so It'll be interesting to see justin..

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