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The queen's public library will stop giving out plastic bags to customers this summer the libraries president and ceo dennis wolcott says it's been distributing plastic bags for twenty years we have given out roughly eight million bags a year and that's just unacceptable while we can no longer tolerate fat the library plans to redirect the money used to produce bags towards more environmentally friendly things like ebay books the policy will go into effect in june and wnyc is acquiring the local news site gotha missed the purchase which is largely funded by two annonymous donors includes its archives domain name and social media assets it's part of a larger deal involving two other public radio stations k p c c in southern california will get the site la ist and waam you in washington will take over dcni gotha miss was previously owned by billionaire businessman joe ricketts he shut down that site as well as dna info back in november after reporters and editors voted to join a union in a joint statement the three public media organizations say they hope the sites will expand their digital footprints and further their missions to serve local audiences the relaunch of gotha missed is this spring here in new york rain and fog in the forecast for the rest of today continuing into the night it's thirty eight degrees now that 406 support for npr comes from the robert wood johnson foundation working alongside others to build a culture.

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