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A soft comfy recliner next time relax with the real ginger taste of Canada drive traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons data has news ninety three point one K. for K. for mainly clear skies for tonight it'll be cold tonight well below thirty five to thirty nine plenty of sunshine expected for tomorrow with a high tomorrow sixty two to sixty six sunny skies on town for Friday Friday will a high sixty three to sixty seven I'm accu weather's drew Shannon dues ninety three point one K. F. B. K. fifty two in Louis Davis fifty seven and fifty four in El Dorado hills time now for your business and money news Kelly brothers is with Jenna these Burpham brothers told a few days ago about Bernie Ebbers he was the former worldcom CEO who had been released from prison and then died about four weeks later well guess who was watching that that's right Bernie made off says he wants out says he's dying of kidney disease he only has eighteen months left to live he's currently serving a one hundred fifty year prison sets in North Carolina for orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history he pled guilty back in oh nine in case you're wondering they've gotten back about seventy five cents on the dollar of claims filed by victims of the scam they were covered fourteen billion dollars from made off customers he now wants out of prison we'll see what the prison system decides to do market overall today higher fears of the coronavirus ad being just a little bit the employment news good the trade deficit news go ahead and the marketing all time highs lease the S. and P. in the nasdaq Dow up for eighty three twenty nine thousand to ninety nasdaq up forty eight ninety five await the S. and P. up thirty seven points gold today was up six at fifteen sixteen ounce ten year bond yield one point six five percent all right by fifty three what brought you by holes window center and you may have heard by now that Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas is dead his son actor Michael Douglas is the one that actually announced at the death of his dad at the age of a hundred and three on Instagram Michael said that to the world his father was an icon of Hollywood's golden age but to him and his family court was a loving father grandfather and husband the course we've been playing clips all day from smart I guess probably one of his best known films champion the bad the beautiful and less for life but a hundred and three that's a good long run well I don't know about all this talk Superbowl halftime show was it appropriate inappropriate well whatever I'll say what did happen music sales are spiking for Jennifer Lopez.

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