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60 Mostly sunny not as cool Wednesday less wind so feeling a little bit better Highs low to mid 60s I'm storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman It is 56° in annandale 55 in college park and 52 in Aldi add one 40 Knew this hour 9 people have been heard after a shooting at a club in South Carolina Authorities in Hampton county say they're investigating the shooting that happened at a club early Sunday The state law enforcement division says so far no deaths Hampton county is roughly 80 miles west of Charleston Meanwhile ten people were wounded in two others hurt in a shooting at a shopping mall in Columbia South Carolina three people with guns were detained in connection with yesterday's shooting Authorities don't believe the attack was random Reporter kaelin hagwood is in Columbia with more A day of fun before Easter turned to one of terror for shoppers when gunshots rang out at columbiana mall We didn't expect to go into the mall and then have to literally run far our lives to leave out of there It was just not what we were expecting on a typical Saturday Jewel Burgess was there with her three year old He gets in the car and he goes when somebody's shooting a gun he scared and he doesn't understand but that's all he's been hearing because people are just yelling that as we're running Police say multiple shots were fired with ten people struck at least two others were injured in the stampede as shoppers rushed to safety Two people are dead and several more hurt in a shooting in Pittsburgh early this morning Happened a little after 1230 during a party at a short term rental property there were more than 200 people inside many of them underage Pittsburgh police say at least 11 people were shot two people died at the hospital Others were hurt trying to run away Some tried to get away by jumping out of windows So far no information on any suspects Starting tomorrow Philadelphia is reinstating indoor mask mandates because of rising COVID numbers And the CDC has extended the requirements for masks on planes trains and other forms of transit The new White House coronavirus response coordinator doctor Ashish jha was asked today if he's concerned about another COVID surge coming out after the holidays Well we need to be doing right now is monitoring this very carefully I don't expect a surge at all like what we saw in January I think that is extremely unlikely He appeared on ABC's this week Did the HIV aids crisis of 40 years ago teach us anything about better messaging during COVID One longtime expert says things could have been clearer Richard sorian covered HIV aids during the 80s as a reporter and lost his younger brother to the virus He later worked at HHS during the Clinton and Obama years What did he see during the start of aids The government would not talk about sex including condoms And as a result people didn't know what to do And he writes in health affairs messaging for COVID was generally very muddled as well although he says it's improved lately The biggest lesson going forward My fear is that we will get past this will be the big sigh of relief and then just say we can move on to other things and not the hard work that's necessary to prepare for the next one There always is a next one Dmitry sodas WTO news WTO P and silver diner present free lunch Friday courtesy of silver diner Enter to win your free lunch at.

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