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And how it took a decade from that before us came You know. I'm curious to hear from you. How did you motivate yourself. How did you keep going after making such a big decision like that. Oh man it was very rough. I remember sending cheap people. Tell room watching the beach awards. Cheer running down my i because guy you understand know i. The she don't talk about is a goldfield list. Man i remember you. I remember just being in different position. Different spaces in man. I'm not gonna quit regardless. I'm not gonna quit because i noticed time as i know what i got say i did you notice for hustler's you know the ones. I grew up around issued as exceptional work that i got to sit on the table in ohio. I just couldn't quit in. I'm so glad i stuck to that. I stood on. Yeah means speaking of the z. Came up with you. Know you have the quote from goes was mike one of the kind of oggi's and he says you gotta have game. If you get work you know talk about what kind of that that moment means you are man. I was just one of many valuable quote. See a game. You gotta game if you want to get work. Meaning you can't sit around. You can't be moving like a bomb thinking like upon talking like a ball and want to get in a room full of the most proud people carry yourself in exceptional manner. You gotta shake people hands firmly and looking is and when you tell them some you gotta amina understanding you gotta live on that and that was just wanted a mini things that he told me over to over time that i that i kept in put in my pocket another let it go in one of the things i think it's the strategies talk about watching. It's kind of a your big santa wash because they they value. You know it's like it's all about time being something that you can't you can't physically hold bomblet. Huge fan of watches to me. Watches most definitely represent our most valuable asset. Which is time a because it will. It will come a point where we all wish. We had a little bit march. You dig and also when you step into a room. Matan piece tells everyone else in the room what you represent who you are without having to say a word for example when i step into the room and i have on this. Two million dollar. Jacob timepiece this titled the billionaire. I don't really have to say much. That's for the future that may not recognize my beard silky skin. But if some that. I really originally. I really mean in the some litter my heart like walk into the room listless and powerful people talk about some of the first deals that you're ever been a part of and and what the salt lake to finally be walk into the room on something that's not just about rap music but it's about a business partnership different partnerships are mean me just to support eighty when he had a i was in a club in brings to rock out and i will take pictures with bottles of surat just because that was a black man vision and i was in a club and i did that for year for free in. Get a dr in the next year brought me to a offer. Sat me down with his me and they say man you saw this is. It's almost like we owe you. This was a seven figure. Check just off the rip and once again edges edges. Go back to my house. Let's take advantage of the time we have. It's odd is take advantage of the time we have..

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