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Superintendent Austin. Beautiful articulation. Beautiful was at the school with the state's top education. Official superintendent of public instruction Tony Thurman, both wanted to showcase of California. Public schools are steadily reopening as covert numbers improve. And how the state is ready to provide whatever help is necessary to continue the momentum and calm parents fears here, Superintendent Thurman. Our message for all schools is the same. The CDC has shown us a pathway on how it's safe for in person instruction. That's our message. And at this 0.9000 out of our 10,000 schools are either open foreign person instruction or moving to being open for in person instruction. But everything that the CDC has shown us has translated into resource is that the state has provided $6.5 billion to help get the schools we open. You have money for ventilation, So they have outside air to support where our schools they're going to be doing. Our offices secured five million rapid covert tests. All these things give our school's a pathway to get physically reopened. That's a game changer. When I asked if he thought l a unified schools would be completely back to normal by the fall. Superintendent Buechner said. Yes. Mitigation measures are in place. Our schools are the safest in the nation. As family see that it is safe as they see their Children will thrive in schools more and more will come back and buy fall will be at that full in person. Threshold Now the path to get there is to make sure we continue to provide support for the community. We have 25 school based vaccination centers that are open serving families who say Vaccinate me My childhood come back to school. So we need to make sure we're doing this safely in the right way. But full in person come the fall for sure. Again. That's L. A unified school district Superintendent Austin Butin er, by the way, the principal of the school that beauty and Thurman visited Sylvan Park Elementary, Van Nuys told us out of 778 enrolled students about 250 pupils have returned so far for in person classroom instruction. The principal hopes to see you half of her students back by the end of this school year and let's stay on education. Despite heated debates over school re openings across the state, A majority of Californians approve of how their elected officials have handled classroom closures, according to a new survey from the Public Policy Institute of California. KQED politics reporter Guy Marshall Roddy has more more than eight in 10. Californians acknowledge that kids have fallen behind academically during the pandemic. Still a majority approve of how Governor Gavin Newsom and local district officials have navigated school openings, but his new summon state lawmakers negotiate over the future of hybrid learning. Two thirds of public school parents say they're concerned classrooms won't be open full time in the fall for the California report. I'm Guy Maserati, the city of Long Beach is preparing for when Children get the okay to get the cove in 19 vaccine. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia says the school is partnering with the Long Beach Unified School District. Place mobile vaccination Clinton's on campuses in the coming weeks. We know that at some point in the months ahead, Aziz Clinical Trials wind down that population, Whether it's 12 and above, like, has been discussed. Other ages for kids will be opened up in the futures. We want to make sure that we're prepared For parents that want have the kids vaccinated that they have that option within their schools. Mary Garcia says the.

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