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Would be way too high and already. This war has been far more costly to Russia and Vladimir Putin than they ever anticipated. Politico founding editor John Harris talking with Hillary and Shawn, you are listening to 103.5 FM at WTO P dot com. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. It is December 22nd. Good Thursday morning. Welcome in at three 15 sports time at rob stern this morning. The Washington commanders have four Pro Bowl selections, their highest number of representatives in 6 years, headlined by Terry mclaurin's first time selection as a reserve, Maclaurin is Washington's first Pro Bowl receiver since Santana moss in 2005. The other three are starters first timer Jeremy Reeves gets in as a special teamer. Jonathan Allen makes his second Pro Bowl as does punter tress way. And when I think of the 1970s, I think of two people, late steelers, great Franco Harris, NWT OP's Dave Preston, the latter remembers the former in this week's D.C. sports subtle, saying Harris legacy is far more than just the immaculate reception. The scored four touchdowns in Super Bowl 9. He scored the very last touchdown of that Super Bowl era in 1979 that seal that victory. He had a big TD against Hollywood Henderson and the cowboys and perhaps what was the game of the decade, a 35, 31 steeler winning Super Bowl 13 and for all that you can say about what a great player he was, a Keystone to that franchise. He was an even better guy off the field, more on Harris's legacy and what Washington needs to do to pull off another season saving upset in San Francisco in the D.C. sports subtle on WTO P dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. A busy day of local college basketball starting with the 15th ranked Maryland women's third straight victory, a blowout win over Purdue Fort Wayne, in which the Turks outscored the mastodons in each of the four quarters. On the men's side, VCU came back from as many as 13 points down to beat navy, Howard old dominion and compensates all winners as well, but 21st ranked Virginia tech upset by Boston college in overtime. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All right, thanks, rob, as always, three 16 on WTO. Among the top stories we're following for you this early Thursday morning, December 22nd here at WTO P, a winter weather advisory locally starts at four this morning in less than an hour. For people specifically in Frederick county, Maryland, western loudoun and falkirk counties in Virginia, all of us expected to have heavy rain in parts of the area it'll start out as ice. Definitely feeling like winter outside right now if you stepped outside lately as those temps are expected to dive even more in the coming days for the long holiday weekend. So have you prepped the pipes in your home for the freezing weather? With some chips for you to use the Thursday there are precautionary steps that every homeowner can take if that makes sense and are achievable without having to go through a lot of expense. Art Shapiro acting director of the Howard county department of public works says you can rap or insulate exposed pipes that are susceptible to freezing temperatures. He taping, that's essentially an electric

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