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And you know i can be or the election not if if they her than running but you getting people british ticket and while not go on okay what the election so i think i'm really not on be riding if because it doesn't seem like an there's a call and anything and i i think that change you come the current i know i had him on the university and just from yesterday and that you change him he didn't body about ryan and it for the my time birth of like people are calling off women that hang like we wouldn't you of american now and you're reaching nearly a million people was what you're saying i wanna make sure yeah accurately and honestly the picked whatever it is you've seen are experienced and monmouth university what happened to watch who watched yeah it's it's no no no no no no no no no word no second accurately describe what you're trying to tell me about you've seen what have you see you saw i student mom it in a he'd yeah having it pulled off and somebody yelling trump america you saw that on the mom of college campus mom if university candidate yes you reported it's many years already i think it wasn't and he'll come on the third ended broke a it is and i am going to reported to moms universe going to call right now i man stiff any instances were opinion give us the location now shooter reporting going on with the sport were were yeah well right somebody maybe somebody with more courage reported where did you know the location alley it and you save happens to a few people yeah yeah wow that click here it was not us that was though clicked you heard was alley going oh i told and we are licensed by the federal communications commissioned to broadcast at the frequency of one zero one point five to maintain and retain that license we have to make sure what we broadcast on our air is accurate right or we can say we can substantiate what you're saying so by asking her this question he of course but corrections.

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