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Sprinkling from yilmaz over details from swedish pop superstar dal has hinted her current tour for grammywinning album 25 will be her last it's me the program for her wednesday night show at wembley stadium in london was assigned handwritten note from the singer in it she says i don't know if i'll ever tour again and so i want my last time to be at home she calls touring a peculiar thing instead it doesn't suit me particularly well adel finisher tour on sunday after a total oh of one hundred twenty three performances the un peacekeeping mission in ivory coast has come to an end thirteen years ago the un intervened to broker a peace deal as the country was split in two by civil war as a friday the mission that most recently coast hundred and fifty three million the year will be over the un security council in a putin sixteen voted unanimously to end the mission a motion of confidence in the country's progress for many i've lauren's the departure of the peacekeepers is a positive sign even as worries flat about recent military tensions many recall it was only six years ago the postelectoral conflicts claimed so many lives human rights groups are urging the government to do more as the un mission to pause in a statement human rights won't said the vast majority of the commands us and litas implicated in a decade of serious human rights violations on both sides of the militry political divide have not yet been held to account for the a p i'm nick martin from the river well desk nike and amazon might just do it and team up nike says it's working on a test.

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