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Thursday morning, The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk could be the first amusement park to reopen in California KFBK Jensen Raeder reports of fish. I'll say they'll start by reopening a maximum of 12 rides. This comes as Santa Cruz County moves into the orange or moderate tear. Smaller theme parks are permitted to reopen at 25% capacity, or 500. In county visitors, whichever is fewer admission into the smaller theme parks is by reservation only in this tear. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK. Also this morning, Sacramento has a new attraction on the waterfront is 65 FT. Ferris wheel installed over the weekend. People from the same household can share a gondola. Ferris wheel operators will sanitize each gondola in between rides. The Ferris wheel opens to the public Friday. It'll run daily through January 31st and the cost is $6 campaign. 2020 KFBK Continuing coverage. Countdown to Election Day continues with just five days to go. Here's the NBC's Tracie Potts. Dueling rallies again today, this time in Florida, where Joe Biden Has a slight lead President Trump headed home to the Sunshine State from Arizona, now a toss up, according to NBC, along with Texas more than 75 million Americans have already cast their ballots. Fighting is once again escalating in the dispute between Armenia and ours are by John Kfbk. Correspondent Bill Zimpfer has the latest after three failed ceasefire attempts. Azerbaijan is now accusing Armenia of using cluster bombs in the latest attacks that killed dozens and wounded dozens. Mohr. Those cluster munitions have been banned by over 100 countries around the world, but not by Armenia and Azerbaijan. Civilians are continuing to pay a heavy price in the conflict with hundreds killed in this fighting bills him for NBC News radio before we get to the network, let's look take a look. Kristina had some of the headlines that are out there this morning on nationwide. U. S States facing budget shortfalls from 2022 2022 in the next two years. Of about $434 billion, according to Moody's Analytics. Here's the bottom line. The tax receipts are going to be extraordinarily low for states all across America from right, right, And we're going to, especially in a place like Sacramento. I'm gonna start to feel it with so many state jobs on and it's just a reality that we're going to deal with. Not just here in the capital city of California, but all across the country, right? Right. I found this kind of interesting odd story out of Costco. They're going to stop selling time made coconut products. Why? Which is interesting because Not because there's anything wrong with the products like the actually wrong with him, but because they use forced monkey labor. Did you say monkeys forced Monkey labor? I'd never even heard of home. Does that even work? I guess they used these monkeys to pick the coconuts. So and Peeta has forced as he's come forward and shown some On allegations of abuse, and Costco has agreed to stop. O Lord in the U. S a today interesting. So Walgreens Food lion giant food stopping shop. A couple of others have have been able to figure out which of these products they're using forced Monkey labor and pull them so they get the monkeys to do the work. I know which is kind of sad right now. They don't want to hear the top national stories. According to the Commerce Department, the US economy grew at an unprecedented annual rate of 33% during the third quarter of this year. But it fell at an unprecedented annual rate of 31% in the prior quarter when the pandemic lockdowns began. Labor Department says another 751,000 laid off Americans filed first time claims for unemployment last week. A second wave of covert lockdowns will soon be coming in Europe, where many countries or having trouble keeping up with cases and hospitalizations, Brown University School of Public Health Dean, Dr Asheesh John says it could be happening here soon as well. My biggest concern eyes and we're not ready for this way that's coming in front of us and people are tired. I think there's a lot people can do. To protect themselves Mass wearing social distancing, But eight months into this pandemic just is not where we should be. Three people were killed, one of them beheaded at a church in the south of France today. The terror ninth attack also left several people wounded in the city of Nice. Sherry Preston ABC News Fun for the family all weekend long at a local fairgrounds will tell you about their last live Siri's of the season coming up a news from.

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