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Violence. No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement. For our great American flag. No two supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow Americans. If you do any of these things, you're not supporting our movement. You're attacking it. And you are attacking our country. Yeah, I mean, how can How can the president and you and I condemn be 11 Antifa. Operating at the behest of the blessings of the mainstream press and The Democrat Socialist Party and then turn around and say what it's okay for what these guys did to the capital. So it's as I have contended all along. It's been also have been consistent. The president's right. We support our law enforcement. We don't beat them. That's what be a lemon antifa does remember BLM pigs in a blanket fry like bacon. That's a Democrat slogan. That's a socialist slogan. As we mentioned a Forward police departments on parlor when it's up. And kudos to the Fort Worth Police Department for having a presence. On a free speech platform that's in compliance with section 2 30. It's the Police Officers Association doing that. I gotta be clear. Another department Police Officers Association. Congratulations. Those who are condemning You belong to a socialist platform. Of Twitter or Facebook, that suppresses free speech. And by the way, the guy who was that guy? Hold on. I gotta pull up his name. I just David Earl Williams. The third Your sir, I left Twitter a long time ago. But, sir, you're on Twitter. Hey, a platform that hosts the Ayatollah Khomeini Ah, man who has called for the genocide of the Jewish people. So you support a platform that gives voice to a genocidal. Totalitarian terrorist, the leader of Iran Did you say Shawn? I didn't because you Oh, get a microphone, sir. But else can hear what I said. I give you that story about the Fort Worth Police Officers Association being a parlor and They just got lit up in the comments, which I remember. I saw some of this. Unbelievable. Leslie Pap comments. Yeah. And one of those commenting was Bud Kennedy. So I guess he's still on Twitter and I didn't see that. But Kennedy, but okay well was was he condemning? I mean, come on, we've known but Bud Kennedy for a long time. There's no way he could be condemning. A platform that conforms with section 2 30 that allows free speech and then be in support of a platform. My Twitter that allows a Anti Semitic homicidal genocide, advocating maniac like the Ayatollah Khomeini on that platform. I mean, come on, really? Bade you You can't be I mean, dating back to 2018. Twitter and Facebook have been hosting terrorists. And Be a lamb in Antifa, who have been coordinating their violent attacks on American cities have been on those platforms. There is no way you can tell me That anybody responsible in media would be supportive of that. I certainly am not. We've condemned all of it. Here's but Kennedy's one of the Kennedys replies in that story. Yeah, go ahead. He's replying to a woman named Pamela Milan. Please tell your council member of the Union has shown they do not care what anyone thinks. Wow, I think it's I think it's one of these comments are just crazy, calling the police union Nazis. Yeah, because yeah, because it's wrong. Yeah. You know nothing. Nothing says not see, like freedom of expression. At the same time, these people populate Twitter. Which gives voice to an actual Nazi An actual genocidal maniac named Ayatollah Khomeini. Pot meet Kettle. Blood. Kennedy. Come on, man. You're better than that. You're better than that crap seriously. And you know what? Advocating for the suppression of your political opposition. That's about the most anti American thing I can think of. So David Earl the third? Whatever, William whatever your name is the third. Come on, Give me a break. If you're going to sit there and say that parlor was responsible for the Capitol Hill riot. Of a couple 100 folks. And then you're going to stay with the same breath that Twitter and Facebook. We're not responsible for the months of violence we saw coordinated online. On those platforms and bail him in Antifa. Come on. You've lost all of your credibility at that point. 888 w b a P 800 to 89 227. We're going to make a connection with the attorney General Ken Paxton. Coming up on WB. AP..

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