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Incredible that I was moving up on my own people say. Let's see the problem. Is that women are afraid. Because what am I GONNA do? I have no pay or you know he's not going to be able to survive without make. Trust me the good Lord will take care of you. You just gotTa do something it will happen. You're the subject that you're talking about is is near and dear to my heart to because once upon a time in my prior vocation for twenty five years in senior management the last position. I had off because I've worked with various populations of people in need but it was women and children fleeing domestic violence and So you know what you're saying so crucially important because a lot of the women who were fleeing their partners in their abusive relationships with or without their children in many cases English was not their first or second language. They had no access to money so they had no Documentation no health cards. No nothing on their person and in many cases didn't even have a a high school diploma like they had nothing They were so so Predominantly dependent upon the abuser and that was part of the reluctance for having departed the relationship sooner when it was already initially warranted up eight because it was those types of fears and those types of situations and circumstances that ran through their mind. It's like how am I ever GonNa Function? How may ever GonNa Reinvent Myself? Well when it comes down to safety which is first and foremost you know. There's always an answer. There's always gonNA be resources. There's always going to be somebody. Who's going to help? Navigate you in the direction to get your needs filled on. But that's never gonNA happen if you die at the hands of your partner which is always a possibility. We know that happens more often than it should so I just want to applaud you once again Laura because you had so many things working against you your whole self dialogue could've talked you out of Departing situations or even not embracing forgiveness. I mean who would you be today? Had you not braced forgiveness or had not. You're exactly with the here and rate sadly to say I probably wouldn't be here because I know what I I know what I was going through. I know what I fell and it was unbearable. The pain was unbearable. I mean the I couldn't breathe properly. I mean it was just an I just gotta say. I thank my ex- mother-in-law and I and I think my mother in heaven who I believe you know was heart of this and I and I believe that God gave me that chance and you know and I believe that he's given me all these challenges so I could be that voice today and as you said because so many people you know. Don't don't turn out that well sometimes a lot of people. Everybody's medicated today. And I I've always refused be medicated. Adult believe in it for myself. I believe that our our our our our mind is waste longer than having a medication and it just anytime I try to be careful with my words but when I asked when people were Fred. Tell me that they're medicated. Unlike fleas can you just try this for thirty days? Just yet take thirty days. I promise I promise it'll change. It'll make a difference. The problem is everybody wants things now so they don't sticks through. Oh but I tried meditating. For How Long A? Week will no you gotTa keep you yet? My ex- mother-in-law introduced me to a new meditation this past December and now I've been avid meditators. Since the nineties I learned at to forgive and But this meditation is taking me to a completely different level and so. I HAVEN'T MISSED ONE DAY. I go morning and night. It's twenty minutes in the morning 21-minute that night. Whatever it is it is legally again changing my life because it's bringing me closer towards my My my sole purpose and not the passion that I have in helping people so the war store to places like doing this podcast on your show doing a TV show over there. The more people I can get in front of the more people I know. I'm going to help and that only the only thing I want whether it's paid or not paid I just want to help people and because the suffering is just too much at light in bed with crystals in my hand with prayers. Begging Begging Lis Lis out me is not something I wanna hear. People are doing in their beds right right well and you said something there. That was quite key around medication and I can understand. You wanted to tread lightly because there are people who would be tuned into the show who may in fact be on medication and there's different schools of thought with any subject matter that bring to the airwaves between myself and my guest of each week But the one thing is to yes. I mean T- to catapult True growth true expansion and and to infiltrate clarity to be possible. You can't do it in a my numb state right and I think that's where you're coming from too because a lot of people whether it's addictions based on alcohol sacks Gambling whatever the addiction or the affliction might be. It's it's not because people want to numb themselves necessarily it's because it just can't continuously endure the pain. But you do have to go if you really want to get out from underneath that you've got to feel the pain you've you really do have to feel the pain but you can still lighten the load of thought by getting assistance either through a therapist or a gratitude journal or You know like a support group on there. I mean there's a whole we live in twenty twenty so resources are abound plentiful. They're out there You know we live in the the day and age of education and awareness. So unless you're committed to putting your head in the ground and still living. In a state of denial. The resources do exist. Do absolutely so Laura I wanna give you an opportunity for the benefit of the listeners in the podcast subscribers and for anybody else who might be tuning in who's completely inspired by you and sees you as a good fit for their media outlets their platforms or they wanted you to be a speaker on their stage or they want to read your books. How can people connect with you? Where can people by your box Sure so I mean. My book is available on Amazon. It's called breaking barriers. And those that are baseball fans todd. Stottlemyre fire Who IS T- Blue Jays? Pitcher wrote my forward but in how Amazon any different country. Yeah it's exciting He's an incredible human and So yeah you can go to Amazon. My website has a lot of information. I keep adding to it And that is. Www Mora L. A. U. R. A. Lese A. B. O. L. E. S. C. DOT COM. And you can Go on my website. You can Message me through there. There's lots of Places that I've One of the interviews from the health in women is there Other interviews that I've been on on. Tv shows lots of information on my website. Instagram facebook. I'm Laura Avalon everything. If you just Google that you'll find me and would love to connect. I would love to anybody that is listening in has a platform that I can share my message. Please call me your show. And if people want to reach out to you in the capacity of you being there realtor. Is there a different alternative contact information associated with that? Yes that would be Laura B. Lock and the last name is B. As in Bob I e L. AK and again if you google that name I'm I'm all over Google You'll find me and so I mean you unpacked a lot of I mean everything that we talked about here was a wealth of knowledge. It was educational. It was inspirational. It was transformational. But if there was one specific takeaway or breakthrough that you would hope would most penetrate and resonate with the listening audience in the podcast subscribers. What out of all that you've said or have not as of yet said would you want to impress upon the listening audience. I'm GonNa keep saying what I continue to say is forgiveness whether it's the guy. Cut You off across the driving your car this morning or whether it's to forgive yourself That is probably the one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself so. There's two things that a meditation. Those two things are extremely extremely life. Changing if you don't do anything else but even just to start meditating The forgiveness will come through that as well. Just those two things honestly will definitely change.

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