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Today's my birthday. That was me nominee. Some people were hoping for a three day weekends scary. Not going to happen scary. I'm sorry i'm not saying you don't deserve it but you're not getting it Interesting if you look today page scary was take a look so yesterday on your fifteen minute morning. Show podcast which i did. Listen to you each had your prediction that crap and yesterday to be honest. Not even crap. It wasn't even up to that performance. But that's so so. I went up for birthday dinner yesterday. So you thought i wouldn't make it today or it'd be late and now have a birthday today then. You're speculating on whether i'm going to be here tomorrow. We're not. Let's hear what we all had to say scary. Where do you wanna start all right. Let's get the guests here's guests. I'm one hundred percent. Sure he's going to be here tomorrow or on with us. Yeah or on with. That's implying applying. What implying that. No you know. I'd be a foggy today. Listen you don't back out of that parking space hunting. Who's next on their guesses danielle. I actually think he's going to work. Okay who's next sam producers. Supervisor sam says. I think we're going to see him in the seven o'clock hour on friday off. You go sam. Roman those dice all right. Who's next gandhi. He's going to come in today and tomorrow. Which was yesterday. I seen interesting predicting today and tomorrow. Okay who's next scotty. Be all right. I believe people work tomorrow and friday. There you go very very wise answer all right. Who's next david brody. I think you will play two songs to open the show tomorrow. Very long ones whose he'll be running a few minutes late and then blame something that doesn't exist and then he will leave early around and he will not be here. Friday all elderly. So wow wow. Oh and then. He cracks sandwiches with a all deservedly. So that how brody says he'll be late and he'll blame it on something that doesn't exist coming from the king of does that all the time. So thank you blame it on something that doesn't exist well as brody because he does it all the time. And who else do you have garrett okay garrett says a key comes on the air an hour into the show tomorrow okay. So i'm here. I'm here early. Guys high could go back to bed. I is that everyone. just me. And froggy froggy doesn't really doesn't look at this audio here. What does he. we're gonna. He worked okay. She says i work in what you say scary. I think he's going to work tomorrow. But maybe gets so hammered. First birthday tomorrow night friday weekend. Hundred right. I've got bad news for you scary. I will be here tomorrow. i'm not. I'm not even going out for my birthday tonight just to let you know so. I know that really dashes your hopes and dreams. Giveaway deserves a birthday blur right. You need that. Everyone does that. A lot of people do their birthdays. Go to show today anyway. I wanna thank you guys for speculating and using me as your subject matter on your fifteen minutes. Twenty show on. But i'm here got bad news on here. So let's boy we're going to celebrate all right slips. Let's get out of same today of course birthday boy. All right You're celebrating a birthday today. You celebrate with elvis duran. They said wouldn't be here. My god i share my birthday with young blood. How hot is that. A and also neil armstrong for those of us who are very lunar capela corn capricorn. Take advice from an uncommon source because your perspectives will change at that point your days at ten. Aquarius you're prepared for whatever. Thrown your way to let others ask all the questions. They might have today's attend. Hey pisces remember that you're not always obligated to just forgive and forget your days in eighth areas. Don't be envious of what others have instead. Look at what you can gain from your own life. It is a nine. Hey taurus work with any opposition you may be facing. Don't fight change tar saturdays nine seven. I don't take any frustrations out on those around. You days nine. Hey cancer recognize your position in the world and understand that things can change the drop of dime cancer your days nine leo remember that you can conquer any challenge thrown your way. Today's eight hey virgo admit and own up to your mistakes it will work out best for everyone around you your days in eight libra vulnerable discussion with someone you love. We'll bring you a lot closer to them. you're eight. Hey scorpio look for new ways to get from where you are to where you wanna go days seven and sagittarius. Don't let something that annoys. You get to your head. Just learn to let things go as a seven and those your thursday morning or scopes excellent. Thank you producer. Sam and fila. Leo's happy. Leo birthdays All right danielle coming up. Next coming up. I got a couple of olympic tidbits. You may not have known about two and billy eyelash her her disney plus special. Looks like it's going to be so good. Hey speaking of the olympics. Did i read right today. That the women are conquering over the man as far as meddling this year olympics alwaleed. That's correct. let me let me find the actual numbers. But i think you're right all right finals numbers. We'll talk about that and a lot more coming up after was that a yes or no. I don't know if they're all india. We speak in code. What could make me by being all in yet well. According to brody he is going to win the prize for best birthday gift this year because he went out and got all sorts of celebrities to wish me. Happy birthday pretty cool. I know well so we will get into that in a few minutes. I don't know wow. Is it true. Howard stern which me happy birthday is that what you're hearing. Well that's what the file says. Okay we'll go with it Actually i'm looking forward to hearing. That's a big get. it is a big Who else who else was have you rotate. Barely sebastian. Maniscalco whose show yeah. We just had him on so obviously snagged him before he left the room. I guess malik what who. That's left field okay. Did he do it with his teeth. Pretty mercury yes I love that today. The best gift of all in my opinion food news from froggy. I can't wait to give special countdown for us. Today i do. Yesterday was national chocolate chip cookie day. It has something to do with chocolate chip cookies. Okay i'm in berko. Hey by the way. What do you do on your birthday when you receive so many text messages. You can't keep up with them. I mean after awhile you just can't i don't think you have to keep up with them. I think you need to let that go because everyone is flooding you. Everyone's saying happy birthday. You you just enjoy your day. Don't worry about writing back to people. I got to tell you a story was it last august fifth That we had that massive storm that rolled through the northeast and it knocked half of the trees on my property over this and that and i was outside trying to pull trees off cars and offenses off the house. And i got a text. I got a call from szott. Amen hayden undefined. Hey you know we wished you. Happy birthday.

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