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How you doing today Sir mark let me tell you what I have had a great day you had a really big power walk today in the heat sweat like crazy maybe lost a half a pound then I went and got barbecue from birch barbecue game that town back did an interview with Roger Wallace is going to be on tonight on more than a game segment and up on zoom and I've had a full leg but this is the part of the day I look most your highlight right now two to six right here on K. L. B. J. I thought you were gonna say two to four but you hi there you don't chase another set or anything I know I know you just heard in John's news update governor Greg Abbott announced that Walgreens will start offering drive through testing for the corona virus it sounds like you can stay in your car and within fifteen minutes Max you will know upper down this is that test from Abbott labs president trump showed off the White House a few days ago this is going to get a big response I think it's going to get a huge response mark because I think the people out there wondering daily do I have it have I been exposed and I want they want to find out I think it's great I think it's going to be a big response I think as a response not only from individuals that are just like me you know I've been coughing is it allergies or is it the cove it I think it may be a big response from some employers going okay if you can go and get that in give me something that says you don't have it we can start bringing it back into the building to maybe start doing some work that's that's an interesting angle on this I haven't seen what the cost is have you seen anything I have not I have not either market but seeing what the cost is on this all right here the numbers get in here and join us at five one two eight three six zero five ninety will you be taking advantage of this do you want to get tested Walgreens will be offering that they don't have a start date is yet well in this announcement from governor Greg Abbott and he does say multiple locations will habit that you've seen some of the other states that have the drive through testing in the lines were enormous in some locations remember Colorado started early New Jersey they stretched for miles yeah I remember when Houston started their first win I mean and they have like four lanes of traffic going through and it was extended very far back so I it'll be interesting to see our people now that we are probably about a month removed from when they first started doing the testing and everybody is so I've gotta go get tested if people are still as interested just to find out like ed said or if it will be used for or I may be starting to re open certain areas all right five one two eight three six zero five ninety can call you can Texas right here on news radio que LBJ were also keeping you up to date on the efforts to help out to small business owners because it's such an important part of the economy seventy percent of all jobs are tied into small businesses and you just heard in the fox news update hello C. N. Schumer are standing firm they want two hundred fifty billion dollars to go to cities states hospitals medical supplies if they're going to give their okay to adding more money for the loans for the small businesses but they also want another hundred billion to go to the hospitals and this is the part that I don't understand I'm not saying that hospitals don't need it but they'd been addressed in every single bill that we passed in it's not been like ten dollars here ten dollars there it's been good amounts of money I would like to have a little bit more information on has that many all been spent in they are in desperate need of more money because if that's the case okay then we need to get a more money but if it hasn't and it's just sitting there why are we still okay more money on top of more money at that if it hasn't been spent yet well maybe I've taken Melinda because they're just getting prepared if something flares up back in the fall because I heard a story about Susan Collins the senator from Maine back in the Obama stimulus where it was part of the bill where they had all these funds for pandemic awareness and preparedness and they took it out of there they took it out of there because I know we don't need that but I think maybe they're doing a little of being safe than sorry if not then flared up again in the fall well the first bill they passed was eight point three billion dollars the second one and that was all for medical supplies actually the second one was one hundred billion dollars that was primarily medical supplies should help the hospitals the third package two point two trillion had a hundred billion for hospitals and medical supplies and now they're saying they need another one hundred billion yeah again I would just like to know if they if they have gone through that money and they are in desperate need of it of course they should have what they need but if that money is sitting there and it hasn't all been spent we don't need to tack on an additional one hundred billion for the taxpayers to consume at a later date to it to have to pay back if it's not needed yeah the particularly when the president and the Republican leadership has already said look we're we're gonna do another big one that's primarily infrastructure you could put it in there this this is the goal of this is to get money to small business right away yeah they're the ones that are really in trouble yeah we just saw with it with the SBA loans it rolling out or are starting to get approved that there probably isn't enough money already for them so this is to expedite to make sure that they have enough money to cover all the small businesses treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin trying to reassure small business owners again we have thirty five hundred lenders up on the system with many more getting signed up every day and I want to assure all small businesses out there we will not run out of money the president has asked us to go back to Congress we hope they pass this tomorrow and Friday and we want to assure everybody if you don't get along this week you'll get alone next week or the following week the money will be there soon do you see the Republicans acquiescing here do hello sees demands I think they will I think they will mark I think they will all right interstate after thirty five hundred lenders out there how many more lenders that we need to help the small businesses out there that double or triple the number of lenders because we got a ton of small businesses in this country well we do but they need everyone they can get based on the anecdotal evidence it's been a rough start so we need all hands on deck at this point in the they made a move today to allow Wells Fargo to resume the loans they they hit their limit yeah that ten billion cafe yeah already reached it so they are they're extending that cap so that Wells Fargo can continue to make these loans all right five one two eight three six zero five ninety we'll get to some of your calls your text messages you can hit us up on Twitter as well at mark Melinda and it's great to have you with us to eleven at newsradio K. 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