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To see one star sounds the Lambs. That is one of them. Titanic? No, no, not Titanic Know all about Eve. It's a mad, mad, mad world. They're older movies for sure. Bridge over the River Kwai. Gone with the wind? Yes. Gone with. Well, all good guesses there. Well, the last one, especially it happened one night and one flew over the flew over Cuckoo's Nest. And silence of the lambs. So they're the ones that have won the big Five, John God. All right, I've got one more. I've got one more for you guys. Okay? What are the names of the Sanderson sisters? From Hocus pocus. The three witches sister joke Colin is going to get married Kate and actually, the Landers sisters, Audrey Landers, Barbara Mandrell. Yes, Barbara says. And what was Barbara Sister's name? Barbara and Louisiana Show Louise Mandrell. Yeah, it was early. All of them. No. So, okay, So wait. So what was the Sanders is Anderson sisters yet? Sanderson sisters. Focus of them. Yeah, but it wasn't Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler. Yep. But what are their character names? Boy? I'm going to give you Mary Kate and Ashley only because one of them's name is Mary. Oh, really? Yeah, That's when one's married team burgeon Louise Parker. Sarah is one of them. Oh, okay. Mary, Sarah and Winifred? Yeah, Yes. What really was deferred whenever No. Colin whenever it was Bette Midler like Google. I love it. Yeah, so it's one of red. Mary and Sara. Yeah, because that's Colin's favorite. It's like that's Ah love that move. Well, yeah, you know, that's a millennial thing that I'm just a few years too old that escaped me. But folks your age Collins age they they love it. Just it's fine. I only love itcause. John Ross Ewing is in that movie who kids played, right? Yeah. The kid that played Jr son in Dallas is the lead in Hocus pocus. He's the kid. That's Homer. Homer. Gatz is in that movie. That's the kid. You know what we're talking about. Hocus pocus is ah Halloween kid probably loves it. Or it was about it knows about it at least. Hey, we don't have time today, but I'll just He's ahead for tomorrow. Lex. I have it on the sheet. I don't know if you saw it, You're going to be delayed. I did I we watched macho Macho Mohr yesterday. Yes, the legend of the Walter Mercado. So I'll get into it in there. Yeah, I pulled some clips in some moments that I really enjoyed and we'll talk about the tour. It's It's a documentary on Netflix. Everyone so I heard enjoyed so on Be happy about that very much. So I just have a lot of I have thoughts. I have I have thoughts. And as we were, this is a good thing to end on. And maybe Bradley trainer can come on and explain this to me. Because you know Ryan Phillipe is my fake husband in the same way that Zac Efron is Bradley's a fake husband. They're pushing that movie. Okay, It's a deal. It's a dock. You see, I mean, well, yeah, Doc, you move film. Yeah. Collins of the same thing. Why? Why? Zac Ephron? What? Why would why? Why is he doing a nature documentary? He can straddle a lot of people like different ages deal. So he has that appeal. And maybe he's traveling a horse, too. I don't know. And but and he's also had some troubles. Maybe So to see him kind of troubles. I have to do a global warming. Well, just, you know, kind of explore. And you know something bigger than himself, You know, kind of thing. Maybe that research that says eat, pray, love. Maybe. Yeah, maybe just needs were money. Hey. Yeah, You never know. I don't know. But they are pushing that you're right. That Siri's there. It's Ron. I know. I'm like, okay. I love all my life have recommended it so seriously. Try it. Yeah. No, no, no, don't do that today. He got all beefy. He's already good. Yeah, he looks like he's either getting ready to go to the eagle or chop some wood or a fun combo of both. Yeah, He's very, very daddy's rattling. Yeah, he told me. He looks like he came out of your marsupial pouch. Yes, popped right out that what? We're calling it now, That's that's That's what the kids call it. No, it's warm and sticky in there. Yeah, but no, he did. He's very good. Looking bigger Beer. Got all got all muscly. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's kind of the take away that I got from watching it is that he's also have a personal transformation. And shepherd us on that journey. Dialects. That was beautiful that it could not be that way. But it feels like that. Like O Okay, we need to start doing that for us. We dio I need a shirtless Zac Ephron to tell me why my Hairspray is ruining the ozone layer. I'm very grateful to something we listen to. It's the only thing I just You might not be the right shepherd. But, hey, he's doing.

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