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Like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and film struck and stuff like that are using search the search results of, hey, I searched for bridge over the River Kwai and it's on the service. Right as as a really good indicator about what people want to watch. I think. I mean, I think that it is important to think about how these kind of federal streaming services are impacting our archives. This why I plex server machine that runs in my garage around the clock and has a couple of thousand movies on it that I've ripped off a Blu rays DVD's because it's the stuff that I want to have available, whether Amazon or Netflix or whatever has a deal with the with the place. More relevant next year. When does he turns on their streaming service and all of the Disney, all the marvel Star Wars stuff drops off of Netflix and Amazon, or it's going to be a weird world getting the dissed. Now for president is like the new getting the socks were present like. Now the age we're actually, I loved socks. Can be the cool. I love getting socks like soccer in cool, and now they're cool down getting the disc. It's cool now. Care about the streaming. I want the desk and I mean the other thing about the streaming services that I love about getting discs is you get all the extra stuff right? Like. So much from listening to directors commentaries over the years totally. And a lot of times the streaming the tunes. If even if you buy tunes, you won't get the comments, you'll get a subset. Yes. Just a subset of the extras, mostly extras will always be on the desk and most of the deaths now come with the code if you want the convenience of getting it on their service. So you get. But all by like all ownership is dead. You're the funny thing is all of the Blu rays that I redeemed the code for now four k. on items because they upgraded all piece that's more cave without you doing anything. Worship is dead. You hear about the threat that guy who, yeah, but it turns out that might have been a region coding issue that he was having this the there are many layers to this story. It's the story is that someone was extremely frustrated with I tunes because they they, there are a million reasons to be frustrated with the score on humanity that is tuned in on windows on MacIntosh, but the service for by for renting movies, bottom quote, unquote bought Bod a movie thought about a movie as everyone. Exactly. Yeah. And then the movie I tunes lost the rights to deliver his movie disappeared from his library. And when he reached that the items that were like, oh, that movies no longer available on our service. So here's a code for three rentals or some players. Here's five ninety nine code for free rental..

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