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You want go meet the young bucks and Cody you a picture with them. You get something signed from them and you don't have to worry about being a thing. It's all inclusive. When you book your cabinet, Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. And here's what we know for sure. As we ever closer to a sell out, there's going to be a match. The biggest match the alpha club versus the bullet club. It's the. Of Jericho, or is it why Jackson versus Kenny Cody and mardi still only gonna see that on the Jericho crews and also impact versus ring of honor. Kicking that off Santa Callahan versus mardi skirl. Then we got the LAX the young bucks and then John Morrison, aka Johnny impact. He's going to be on the ship. He wants to take on the whole book club. Brian cage wants to take on the whole book club. How about live? Talk? Is Jericho with the dragon? Steamboat live talk is Jericho. Remember Eddie grow with Conan Ramos, stereo live talk is Jericho with the entire book club. Live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross. Jerry the king Lawler Mick Foley to his twenty years of hell. Stand up show talking all about on the cell that happened twenty years ago. Crazy beyond the darkness steer in the pants off yet. Keep it one hundred percents kill in the town Don cows for Conan. And of course, the first round of the of the honor tournament from ring of honor lethal versus Whitmer Daniels delirious girl versus Titus young scored and bracket beat Mark Briscoe versus our page desire, cheeseburgers, abused, bruiser, and Jay, Bruce gopher skinny. Gang. We also got goal Cabana. Maija Rosa, doing them professional wrestling show, so much stuff I can barely keep up with the dope is going to be there live from Brad Williams, Greg gas, Ron funches the practical jokers Fosse's going to be playing Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Stone sour. Phil Campbell, the bastard sons Jiang, the stir Spitak project the darlings of rock and roll. The cherry bombs will best female ACDC tribute bands thrill Ozzy the world's best Ozzy cover band Mandy, Leon is going to be there. Kelly client is going to be there. Brandy route is going to be there. So cowbells drew director well, fully hosted. Everybody's going to be here, Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. Do not get left out, come your cabin now and the part of history. All right. Coming up on Friday, talking about history is about thirty seven years ago this month that MTV debuted time with the birth of NTV with the ritual MTV Marc Goodman is going to be here. This is an interesting story, although MTV Rose Bowl. Bruce again, fell again, rose again, billion Mark Goodman, one of the first five, five and TV. Jays truly hair. He's gonna be here. Don't you dare miss it? In the meantime, state hearts, day hungry, he's loved hoax. And the big boy. All in baby. The Westwood One podcast network.

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