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Such amount of millions easy to save their Davis Cup. Who knows? I don't know. I mean, I honestly I knew I would tell you the only thing I know is what I experienced today. How much does it cost when the boy boy shaking the? Hand and every picture with Luca Pui, and he's from here. I'll merged as it cost emerged as it worth. How much? Is a dream how much in dollars how much this is where I'm coming from. I come from a dream from somebody shoot my hand. Get me a racket. This is will this was never happen. Again, the way it is nuts. Davis Cup that for sure. So here we are in he'll in Lille. We touching a lot of people. It's not it's not only these twenty five thousand people saw the people in the street. The people around we talking the drivers that children the pictures. I know that as we praying there are some strikes of people were upset because are some injustice in the world. We're talking about tennis. What what is it that? We can give what we can give Davis cut is to be able to come to Lille play. Croatia. Do our best and I've twenty twenty five thousand people happy to see some tennis. This is the way I feel. I don't know what's going to happen next. Actually, I told my players, you know, what? Next year go, but you know, it's not gonna be the same. Everybody knows. So why don't people tell the truth? Why don't people tell the truth? You will never be the same. We will never have this in wherever it is with all due respect. With all due respect, which I do have. But it's gonna be something else. But I really hope that they will not call his Davis Cup because this is not Davis Cup. Playing two sets is not Davis Cup playing somewhere else. It's not Davis Cup. So when when people tell US Davis Cup, they're lying. So if I ever voice, I'm going to tell them, you are liars, exactly the way, I did when I divorce the other day at the dinner, and I told Mr. the president I said, I'm discussed an upset to his face because I think it's a truth. This is the way I feel. I'm not saying that everybody has to feel the same way. Everybody has a right to their opinions. But I feel this way. Oh the Davis Cup because Davis was so much for me so much for me like so many his stories as a player as a spectator as a fan. I can tell you the history of Italian Davis Cup. That means so much where would be where would tennis being tally in Italy without Davis Cup. Where was so much? So now, you have these people that decided no, it doesn't matter. I don't know if they don't know. I don't know if they don't care. I don't know. But as I told the president, I am not from his world. We are some two different words. And this is it I'm outta here. This is my last press conference, I'm going to my life, and this is a truth. So I just expect people to tell the truth. That's all I mean, whatever truth, you know, we all have different truth. So there's, you know, the captain of the French team three times champions under him over a spell of twenty five twenty seven years in facts, and one of the legends of French sport. Let alone just Tennessee. He won the French Open himself. We're going to talk about those views that he holds about the future of the Davis Cup of festival. Matt you were in that room when it was going on just just describe what it was like to be there the atmosphere that you're experiencing. Yeah. Well, that probably the first thing to say is quite interesting experiences. These press conferences because they're very much into languages. You got the inning late in the bit and Frank show. There is a bit of sort of overlap between the two. Quite often. But basically to me felt like now was walking off not quite into the sunset because that would be probably after victory, but leaving tennis behind lobbing this grenade over his shoulder as he left says he came out with all these sort of very strong words about the Davis..

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