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Emergencies way you can have your look and feel with disney potentially you could have all the emojis look like disney characters i could see that being huge and could work with the current standard yeah see that's going to happen now just because we've talked about it is why tell me why broadly emoji are unbelievably popular they're kind of developing into their own language tell me why emoji are important kind of in this in the grand scheme of everything that's happening in the world why is this thing so important to people you know it seems frivolous on the outside sometimes people you know in my job documenting what the emojis look like and how they use people sort of think of it as a frivolous topic but in a way it's like the dictionary is keeping up with what how trends language and how it communicating i think it is interesting to document how people use them or jeez over time and the fact is the emerging is the most installed keyboard in the world so i think that a learned makes it an important factor that if a company does change even if it is the eggs in the salad they change one small thing that's affecting billions of fortunes around the world so i can that's what gives the power over say a downloadable apple something that only some people have this is affecting everybody when you make a change well and when you look at it kind of as a language as sort of pictographic language i mean could it be the new esperanto anybody can communicate i love the idea of communicating only in emergency i mean i've tried it before and it's a horrific tusk trying to if you take away all aspects of language in just left with the modine you end up it's a mess i mean it's great it's a great complement to existing languages but i don't really see the day where we can descend emojis back and forth and have a meaningful conversation about our families or allies all what do you want to do this weekend to get it ended up being pretty basic compensation so we took the lead is off the keyboard anyway jeremy berridge it's cheap emoji officer for emoji pedia thank you so much for the time thank you to speak to you this final note before we go i had this whole plan to do a whole thing about england and france and the final of the world cup i was going to call it the hamilton final i was even going to sing but apparently i jinxed it because croatia one and now you get kylie jenner according to a cover story in forbes magazine this month kylie is about to become the youngest self made billionaire in history the magazine says she's made some nine hundred million dollars in just three years off her kylie cosmetics line and yes she owns one hundred percent of the company she turns twenty one in august so whenever she hits the big b she can celebrate with champagne i guess all right we gotta go the dow jones industrial average was up two hundred nineteen points the nasdaq down forty two points half a percent the s and p five hundred shed nineteen points sarah brugare

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