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Along the coast of South or central Texas. By this evening. Several schools in the Houston and Galveston area are closed because of the storm. Hurricane watches in effect from Port Aransas, east of Corpus Christi, to Freeport, southwest of Galveston, Governor Abbott has mobilized the state's resources with air and boat rescue teams and emergency medical groups on standby. I'm charity McCurdy All right. This is pretty awesome. Somebody just posted this in the Walker told me I had aged group. Only in Florida. Fox News reports. Naked woman 28. Drives golf cart into Florida standoff scene with armed suspect so police have an armed suspect. They're they're having a standoff. He's In a house or something. And a naked woman drives or golf cart into them. And did you say she was 28? Yeah, nice. It's not. I mean, what? By the time you're 28, You should have all that out of your system, right? Not if you're fun. Am I right? Kevin? Depends what she looks like. That's a good point. Healthy 28 or she didn't Older than she looks like a crackhead who, Uh, hey, by the way, we'd love it. If you follow us on all of our social media platforms. We obviously have Facebook groups would love you to be part of where on instagram Uh, we'd love use for to subscribe to our podcast. You get every single one of our segments from the I Heart app. You can go to bed and skin podcast dot com. But right now it's time for this. And now it's time for base with day of day featuring veteran news anchor Katie Fun tweets. Here are the important stories he's currently tracking from around the world. Thank you emphasis on important There's a website called Fun. My lawsuit now dot com. Mm. Oh, and they found, I guess the answer Spare time. Let's do a deep dive here. It's actually well written article, though. They've got the jackass injury list. Basically all the injuries that jackass ever had, and then how much money it's costing hospital bills for all the things obviously, Johnny Knoxville had racked up the most. You guys wanna take a guess How much money in hospital bills Johnny Knoxville's had to pay. I need context because the jackass phenomenon happened outside of my sphere. So I know that it was an MTV show. But was it an MTV show First and then a movie later it was a T V show. Yes, and then because I also know there's things called Bam Margera. There's all sorts of things tied to this round, boys. Viva la bam! Yeah, You're right. So I'm just asking because I don't know there's like a mountain of programming. That guy's ramming each other in the Nets. Okay, so, Johnny Yeah. I mean, it's just this is through the latest version, because as the older they get, the more likely they are to have to go to the hospital and this newest version, it looked like a bull completely flips him. End over end over end concussion on that one, and I think you broke a rib. That happens quite a bit, though, doesn't it? That's all his first time. All right, I'm going to guess I'm gonna sit in and this is just monetary. Hmm. Okay. Over all the years, Johnny Knoxville has had, uh And this is not his out of pocket. This is total expense. Right? Okay. I would say it's $500,000 higher. Hold on fire. I would say hi. Say 1.8 million, but I was going to ask you. This is 20 years of programming right, like didn't mean to complete 20 years. But, yeah, I don't think they were on steadily the whole time. We're talking three movies and a couple seasons of, however, and when they were on, I don't really know it wasn't home boy, the one in the ringer. Johnny Knoxville. Yeah, I mean, because I remember there was a time where he was dating Sandra Bullock or something Like he became a legit. He broke out of the rest of these guys, I think 1.8 million. Well, he's the captain. He's el Cap El Capitan of CEO of, uh 1.8 Oh, tire higher. Yeah. 2.53 Point Million higher. Three point Oh, 5.8 Higher. 10 Lower, Okay, eight. Higher 8.648 point.

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