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The shelf you know what man is it is flying off the shelf the thing i'm happy about is picking up more traction is we give is titled behind a mass and the greatest thing i thought idea with was come up with the create creativity of just getting other hall of fame linebackers in the book sharing their story of how did they become great some of the guys who have in the book harry carson mike single terry bobby bail willingly near took pick maher i'm a historian of the game so i feel like if you're going to talk about anybody if you are you gonna talk about greatness you gotta go back and search the history in order to know where you want to go with it and it turned out great project at the images in the book i took all the images and also wrote it is way also want to encourage everybody is a source of inspiration a source of motivation and it's a great book if i say so much i like it then it is cool and by the way the website right is you wanna give everybody the website the website is behind the man asked book dotcom under masked book dotcom behind the massive book dotcom that said you look at this weekend's game and you see anybody out there is a future michael kendrick's he can play a little bit anybody out there that you know i mean it it's not this game's being talked about in terms of quarterbacks not in terms of linebackers now is not an are truly think this where a lot of people going wrong because i think that's the rpf's when you look at it more than anything but i take this this game is really going to come down to defensive coordinator jim wars going up against arsenic from the new england patriots because if you look at how the philadelphia eagles ended the year defensively they were lax gave up the most points they deity entire year from the parents two from the last two games but when they came back into the playoff situation understanding that you know what they came to grips knowing that we're not going to have our quarterback so we have to play up to our standards to hit give us a chance to be a to win games they are they are dominating and this is.

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