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Committed while another aren't any new server courses. It's the skills I've got. They relevant today work. Should I be going to the cloud. What is the cloud of clouds will the cloud displaced me? What skills do I actually need in this in this brave new world so so we've actually seen the tilting towards a softer skills? Were techies not only getting the technical crowd skills but also things like item skills and cloud credential skills just because during the windows server course or my day the netware three point one to fulfill that provided all the skills that you need you got three his life that will those days are gone. You Jen you need a learning plum now. As opposed to sell them the schools seen three years. I think that's fantastic. Because that's one of the Challenges Organization when you go into the hey your department or the learning and Development Department is today even understand the impact where you know go to senior management. We need budget for learning plans for people to understand and the one big change. That's come out of that and I don't know if Brian's got some country the other guys but we've saying in your strategy market huge taken certification the validation that you've actually got some scale your data center unless you've got the ticket go near the cloud and let's let's you got the piece of paper when I arrived in Australia. It years ago certification wasn't thing no I actually. I actually cannot fulfill the demand for for people doing exams. We don't make much money on it to be fast. So there's any number of seats that we want to have. But I have more supply than demand and mortar mountains may be wanting the nearly midnight Australia that's asset-backed area. I think we get. I think that that's interesting. I mean the point of view on things will seem very few people. Now come on courses but we'll see locked coming on systems that Nicole so shifting from watching stolen the operating system actually Orion system and get not return on investment. Absolutely one of the biggest things as a session. I do myself talk about where we're dismantling this. It factory that we've built over the last twenty thirty years because we're not building a lot of the low level infrastructure anymore were sitting things on infrastructure as a service and platforms on on software. Like that that we don't need to do that piece as much as we used to not doing to build bit but we started doing the integration bit on the run bid a lot more than a lot differently as well. Will you know Peter from from your perspective there as well I now I know you're new to university but I'm I'm also interested. If you have any comment on how universities are looking at this change in the marketplace on changing people's requirement than skills or are they just in general sense not necessarily your university. Oh that's A. That's a bit of a hard question to answer right now because as I said of MoD inside but in line with what you're saying Universities don't necessarily have a catch up programme for this. We're trying to find a way into that. My daughter thought of my business is actually the Cloud and cloud security training And from that perspective I have is slightly more direct perspective on. Who's actually doing this stuff and I see a couple a groups of people being involved in that so architect advanced developers re? Don't get much about the skills because they picked him up as they go however do not necessarily doing that in an optimal way. So we don't see those people much on the courses that I work on. What does a youtube uptake on his across the board more risk assessment people who are suddenly being swamped with with clouds? Stuff that they by Ska- don't understand very well and they also have to deal with the fact that the even the it guy who's supposed to understand is don't really understand that So that's where it is. It is a huge uptake of both introductory Clark stuff as well as more cloud security stuff and not really the extolling the the end of rice. Now the more advanced ones as some of my In my practice are like banks who are now running literally. Hundreds of devops OPS teams. That's from a security team. Assessment Second Perspective are basically clueless and these. These people are trying to the risk assessment. The thing how do we get these hundreds of the DEVOPS teams aligned towards the risk assessment. That they should be doing. And they're devising ising complete training programs for that but it's still pretty immature and as far as I can see from a university perspective. Were you in. It is just a couple of years of of training play university and we're just trying to get into the position where we can actually deliver people who are first and that probably takes pixel a bit more than that so we really cool to have some perspective on the other panelists on Riyadh skills. That are both required wired as well as in demand which is not necessarily the same thing man. Okay we'll come onto that. I think that that's very interesting to close off on the people side. They're jury and from your experience experience with At the coalface customers as well. What are you seeing? Impact some impact no impact big impact. Absolutely there was an interesting interesting impact going on right now. I mean that's all management feel work at. It are always very good at covering up and now we cannot do it anymore. We have to change and ICEES that running practices are confronted with their only lack of control tropical troll. They used to cover it up but nowadays his we have to change our practices pisses what in change management financial trolls et Cetera. And well we we. We need to open up and say okay. We were not in control role at our from nine perspective and we need to change this into cloud service management so they have to open up and from the idol guidance likes talk. You are well. This starting point is not always clear yet so they have to double work do their buffing ratio issue management. And then go to the cloud configurations. So that's also interesting to see. It organizations they have to transform and a eh well to open up their running practices again. Yeah someone I I won't get this right but somebody said to me before it's like we're on a ship in the middle of the ocean the back of the ships on fire as going forward. You've got to rebuild the ship as we're on the ship trying to deal with the fire to end up with the new ship that will take us to Lowe's and accidents that we ship. We need to repair those as well as sewing and and mind the icebergs as well. Sometimes I think we've I think we've touched on a little bit of this one of the key of the critical Oh findings from the CCC report. I'm glad we found. This is a challenge in organisations on Friday professionals. is they don't. I don't know what they don't know again. I think you know we. We befriended with this to find it in a survey that we did. It was really really good on one on hand because we can talk about it and try and help people understand what it means but for organizations and individuals suffering from this. It's very difficult. Because because how do you fix behaviors skills gaps. When you don't know that you don't know you have some They did. Did you see that as a big. Yeah well I I would imagine that you see that as a big problem out there but is it one of the harder problems that we have. There's lots of From a training perspective upskilling vital at the moment but if people don't know that they need this stuff. One of the examples I use is a thing called cloud challenge get ten. Some people put them in a room. Awesome tree words. I knew exposes. What are the three words? Walk is cloud mortis cloud. Yeah I love it because you get a ten different answers until you can to context that's where the CCC comes in with a folio. We try and address up. But I think you doing exceptionally well. I think if you ask the question what's left office. The answer is no such product. If you ask what is your is product. Those are just sweets to sweets other capabilities ability. He's so when you said you don't know what you don't know again I'M GONNA I'm guilty living in the past sometimes for two three four years ago. Nobody was talking about machine learning and nobody has nobody talked about. Ai If you had networks generally you've got after avenue sharing the printer and they were talking about building. multi-modal services in data the centers on the other side of the world that are going to listen to videos index and put closed captions on and let you search in real time. Tell this is science fiction stuff though. That wasn't stuff that we've prepared the generation of it pros who are in the market today for this is net new capability net new skill. It's not only do not know what you don't know you don't know what there is to know because I don't need all of this stuff sealed. Nobody's is more than five percent of powerpoint. Yeah how much of cloud are we using. Half the world doesn't know what format painter does you know how much how much of cloud is baked in and we're going on. I didn't know it did not really seriously we can. We can log in with our fingerprints with our with our retinal. The council It's it's it's a brave brave brave new world it just wanted like is when people coming on call snow and we're expecting it and things change by the minute yes I look at. Why the cost in the Wyman calls now just got sent on the calls? US Club full We don't know what we can use. Type fallout seventy monitors so on Seattle on that for his. We'll we'll just don't realize how big the cloud is and what can be useful. That's a big thing and I think it's a big challenge for organizations or as guaranteeing the fear of. What do we have to use at all? I think there were at the the industry in at the moment is we at least should have in organizations and individuals a base level able to understand what this phase for example Gary. You mentioned them machine learning on a a big thing at the moment with a all I ask to Deok Doc. What is actually today against Watson? Sold us the still being sold under a banner is like science fiction. The practicalities today is far from. I'm a as I think he's a good marketing term. Sofi understand at the base level capabilities today of a machine learning more. You know robotic process automation really two years. We'll probably do better things with it than you know this science fiction type of these technologies. I think that was actually see my wife that just wanted to behind me that was machine learning and AI in operation should not really here but you. But you're absolutely right. You know where where we ought to take. COMPTOIR will be tomorrow are PA robotic process automation. It's like I started using them in routine compensation there you know what even is it. Why do we need it? So it's not just in the skills of the people in the skills and the people who are selling these solutions and then we get into that common language as even the base we had this cloud for the last ten in years. Everybody having different views you pick up those magazines Santa's Bolger's everybody has a different understanding of what it is so it's a wonder people are is. This should be as in a way and with any innovative development You actually wants to have different perspectives and views on what you want however no. I'm guilty as charged. I have my own perspective on cloud And and and it's pretty broad I think and this is what we'll get in an old kinds of courses as most immediate feedback is Oh boy I didn't know it was this big and maybe to drive the point home. Is that people say. Let's move her stuff to the cloud or or let's move with back. That's another thing that another an the idea that I hear a lot of times while a lot of people fail to understand is that the cloud is is is what happens if you ten acts or one hundred acts all the it..

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