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From podcast one coming up in this episode of target USA at at about nine forty in the morning. There's nothing my door. I opened the door and the general manager of the hotel is standing there with two uniform police officers that is Bill Browner, CEO and co, founder of Hermitage Capital management. He's wanted in Russia, and he says, Russia's fraudulently used INTERPOL to try to get him. And this time they almost succeeded. And I, they asked me for my identity -cation. I show them my ID. They compare it with a piece of paper they have and they say, Mr. Browder you're under arrest. What for and they said, INTERPOL Russia. He was in Madrid at the time. This was the sixth time that Russia's tried to use INTERPOL to get a hold of him and wait till you hear about the policemen that were a part of this episode as my heart was beating hard. We were driving through the streets of old Madrid in what looked like a police car and the sirens on. And then we strangely came to a square and they stopped and it wasn't in front of a police station, and they told me to get out of the car details on what happened. Then coming up on this edition of target USA the national security podcast from WTO in Washington DC. This is target USA. Russia could render huge arm to this country. North Korea's secret missile capable of reaching the whole of the United States dangerous. Terrorist DC is repeatedly mentioned as someplace they would like to seek an attack cyber criminals. Success. America has a target on its back. And on this program, we investigate the threats. The people behind them, the agencies fighting them and the impact on you. This is target USA be national security podcast. I'm Jay, Jay green according to many observers Bill Browder is the most wanted man in Russia. He's been on this program twice episode, one, ten and episode. One. Twenty-three in both. He's talked about how he believes Vladimir Putin has commissioned more than two hundred fifty people to look for him spending millions of dollars, following him around the world. And the reason is the Magnitsky act named for Browder former accountant and attorney said of gay Magnitsky who exposed rampant corruption in the Russian government and was later killed in the custody, a Russian officials. Browder spearheaded an effort that's become law in the US and and other countries around the world call the Magnitsky act to punish Russia with sanctions for the activity that led to set a gay Magnitsky's death for that. He says, he's become number one on ladder. MIR Putin's most wanted list and. Fact, Russia's prosecutor general said though Browder will not be able to sleep at night. They've gone through extensive efforts to get him in custody using the INTERPOL red notice system to try to track down. They've done it five times and when this program was taped in late June, but never podcast Browder told us Russia had just attempted for the sixth time to use INTERPOL to capture him. This program is all about the harrowing details that happened during that particular situation. Here's our conversation Bill. It looks as though, as you said on numerous occasions, the Russians are continuing to hound you and I saw comment from the Russian prosecutor general staying something to the effect that they're not going to let you rest. So tell us about the knock at your door in your your Madrid hotel room on that Wednesday morning. So About about three three weeks. weeks ago. I was in MADRID, Spain. I was there to meet with the chief Spanish prosecutor in charge of prosecuting, Russian, organized crime. And I, we have discovered evidence that the money that had been stolen from Russia that my lawyer Sergei Magnitsky had discovered and exposed was killed over had gone to Spain. And so I was sharing that information with the prosecutor. There's about thirty million euros a gun to Spain. I had an appointment with the prosecutor at eleven AM in the morning on the thirtieth of may am in my hotel room in Madrid, and at at about nine forty in the morning, there's nothing my door. I opened the door and the general manager of the hotel is standing there with two uniform police officers. And I, they asked me for my identification. I show them my ID. They compare it with a piece of paper..

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