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Thanks curtis enjoy it all right and we're going to enjoy this back to the hot tape factory and we mentioned that every now and again when we can as we go through what we expect to be the days hot takes and then we decide whether they make any sense or not that from time to time we hope to have a celebrity do our hot takes for us i'm not sure how much better we're going to do this these welcomed the biggest star in late night news how i said thank you for having me at this maitre d' stace tails almost ready here's the first story in the nfl giants offensive coordinator mike shula called del beckham junior quote a vital part of our offense and in so doing denounced all trade rumors so seth what is today's op take here's your hot take guys nodal beckon junior is better than antonio brown be the how would you rate so seth is a crazy now tell by the way he said the words out loud tanaz only give i feel like it's a pretty hot take your reason i'm not giving it the full five because there are people that argued it's adele dollars off the charts giving it four but it's it's it's up there in really good they both extremely talented but the consistency of antonio brown and his ability to perform in the playoff situations you have to give him the is more important when you look at how humbly he does we don't hear all the antics about antonio brown.

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