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Charlie in Syracuse, New York. Hello, charlie. I just got it. Tapper Nikki inappropriate in might have some point there some of the shooting girl out, but you don't nail down during the anthem in a game where you're making millions. And the people are out there to see. They are an Android more. Again, he has been the beneficiary of this society. And when you start luck lumping in the Michael Browns with the shootings of genuinely questionable circumstances than that. Just simply shows that he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, quite frankly, needs to target his his complaints a little better than that. Yeah. It will hurt their sale. I buy running shoes. And I I don't usually buy Nike. I think I'll do it. Sure. I I must go. I I again, I I wish I bought more Nike stuff. So I could engage in. A genuine boycott, but regrettably, I've just gotten a position where I can do that. I. But my life centers around something more important than than sneakers. So so bereft of a purpose in life and self esteem and have to worry about what kind of shoes I wear for Pete's sake. I'm not that much of a vacuum. Ed. Well, I got one thing on your back and your supreme court segment. I make a Cavalier's. Absolutely. Well, I got this big theory. Eight of first article where talks about forming a lower court but articles. Gotcha. Both supreme court at work. I served during good behavior. In other words, the doors open their or impeachment by congress is the only one who as Reagan pitchman second through. So they they could. The president's overseeing because he's the Congress's overseen as our elected, but the supreme court is so they're not elected. So they they see a loophole where they got nine members of the board to do what they want and do anything they want. Not absolutely anything. But they're trying to do things that they are not constitutionally allowed to do. Yeah. And so what they need to be overseen by congress was that impeachment apart. And so let me make a decision that obviously is something this politically, correct. And their mind, you mentioned that they they think it's fair to do this. And that one time so what I'm saying is the congress is falling down in cab overseeing the judges, and they have the right to do it. They over if they make a dish. And I think the worst decision probably started are credible coming anyway, politically was removing school says nor for every three exercise, and they and they went crazy on the establishment clause. Well, all that was for. So they didn't have a church that overseas. You know, like an England church had to approve all the partner. So they got to and then they tried to. And I know you tried it would care person and all this stuff. They should impeach. Obviously users his own political. You know awareness to take something in the constitution and make it fit. Well, I would have to agree that it, frankly, there are a lot of judges that have overstep their boundaries. Keep in mind. One of the thing is we we go to another call here. And that is the house of representatives is constitutionally or day the Senate constitutionally ordained, the presidency, the principal cabinet officers, the vice presidency, these are all constitutionally ordained, article three section one of the constitution. The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme court and in such inferior courts as the congress may from time to time ordain and establish the only part of the judiciary that is ordained by the constitution is the supreme court all the appellate courts all the district courts are creations of congress which can abolish them as they choose. News. And maybe it's time. They started abolishing David in Creston, Iowa. Good evening. Hi, jim. I I tuned in kinda late, but you're talking about Nike. And also the supreme court battle. And that's okay. We don't take it tendency for another five minutes. So go ahead. Anyway, I've been thinking about this new in, you know, flagging stuff, right? These people are not educated at all in his free. They don't have a clue about it. You know, I think they're brain dead or something or they miss something. Back when they needle. Neely? The people that died the black that died in the war that people are the white died America, all the Americans have been wounded and died in still suffering. And if most disrespectful stupid thing I ever showed any idea of suffering is being put on injured reserve. I mean, they these. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they don't care. Okay. They're just trying to make a point. And it's completely futile for people that are halfway intelligent down here. And they just have no respect for anyone to flag, or or just shove it, but you know, they can do it in a different way for sure they certainly could. But of course, they would get all the media attention that they're getting and that's the problem because this is about ego. A lot more than it is about social Justice. Yeah. They're spoiled brats. Okay. I mean. There. I'm concerned. So you know, I wouldn't buy Nike. I wouldn't. I don't even watch the football game. So disgusted with it. If that's all they know in life. The money and run a ball down the field. Lynch. Way out there and making them shell. That's fine. You know, it is unfortunately, all many of them. No. And he's all the standard. Wayne, many of them going from calling an audible at the line of scrimmage to say would you like fries with that? That's they aren't exactly shall we say deep in the in knowledge Hector in New York calls in Hello Hector. How you doing fine? Thank you. Well, I want to talk about this whole kapernick thing question. His qualifications as somebody that sacrifice everything he does sacrificing anything. He's getting filthy rich. Exactly now, I'm a retired veteran. You know, what about that? Thank you for your service, by the way, your actual service. I'm honored, sir. You know, what else Guilmette he sacrifices NFL career serving the army? I'm paid dearly with his life. That's correct. You are absolutely right. You know? Let's And. steer away from bias for, you know, the ones that I've gone into the army, you know, for our soldiers, which I love them very much. I mean, I'm retired army. I just retired. Congratulations. Thank you. Let's talk about policemen. That have died in the lineup duty doing the right thing for what they believe. Yeah. Everything. No respect for them. And if you can in fact show that a cop has abused their thority, then throw the book at him. I'm with you. Exactly, exactly. And you know, what I go a step further. How funny that the NFL has been plag- accusations of spousal abuse. He cruelty, and who are the ones that I rest the police. That's right. I think of all the people to be giving us a guide to moral behavior. I don't think that professional athletes are high on the list of those who should be giving us lessons in how we should behave. They might think about fixing their own problems. I thank you for your service Hector, and I very much. Appreciate your call and your listenership, and the fact that you actually served as opposed to some of these clowns who, of course, never served a day in their life other than as as I said on injured reserve, perhaps one eight six six five O, JIMBO. We could talk some more about cabinet or about Cavanaugh as well. Whatever turns you on one eight six six five O, JIMBO will be back in just a moment. We live in the voice of Pittsburgh. Newsradio ten funny. This is Pittsburgh. PNC how?.

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