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Living former presidents there. Clinton Bush Obama. I just loved it. I always will. And I'm so grateful that he stayed true to form He's going up yonder and left us with marching orders. He's been called on American Saint. I believe we're willing to give up everything. Even life itself to bear witness to the truth that drove him all his life. There. We could build a world of peace and justice, harmony and dignity and love. He knew that every single one of us Has a God given power. The fake. Of this democracy depends on how we use that democracy isn't automatic President Obama calling for Election Day to be a national holiday so that everyone can vote for automatic citizen registration as well this on a day when President Donald Trump said he's thinking about moving the election day back Met with swift bipartisan rebuke. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander says election day will not change and he has a very interesting take on this president's term in the vice president's term expires on January 20th and we were to delay the election past January 20th The president would be speaker of the House, Delancey Pelosi. But Bloomberg's Craig Gordon says, Mr Trump has a plan. There's a lot of questions about Trump, you know, attempting and in the eyes of some, and certainly in the Democratic Party to de legitimize the election itself, all the questions about mail in voting And it requires an act of Congress Old by the way, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is moving forward with extension of unemployment insurance, in essence, forcing debate. Democrats have said it cannot be separated..

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