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The man of the hour, Nick foles. Yes. Better quarterback than Carson Wentz. Not an overreaction right now. It's all about them. You know, it would be this is the this. Let's get to it right here. Let's do it. If Nick foles takes his team to the NFC championship game or even further you have to sit here and say is it with the money on the line when he does it over weeks one through sixteen outside of that one year he had with chip Kelly, by the way that season with chip Kelly wound up with foale's losing his first career playoff start against the saints. The only team to have beaten Nick foles in a playoff game, Mick as we all know one all his games last year. And then his first one this year. So you have to sit here and say Kenny do it with the season not all online and a doer Di game and get you to the playoffs. So he can perform his magic in the postseason. That's going to be the conversation that the eagles having a quiet moment. And he's thirty. So you can get a few more years left. You have to consider that. But it's not an overreaction to say that. Yeah. Nick foles free agent in two thousand nineteen Carson Wentz do four million next year club option for twenty twenty given the eagles have until thirty days before the newly gear meaning sometime next month. They've gotta tell Nick foles your twenty million dollar option for next year is picked up, but it's mutual so foles that has five days to say or Nain he'll say no to that. Because he'll get multiple years from somebody at way, more than twenty million bucks. I think if he beats the saints conversation that needs to be had. That's why it's not an overreaction next up the Los Angeles chargers the most complete team in the national football. What does that mean? That's like when here boxer pound for pound. What does that mean? Most complete team complete all three phases. Offense defense special teams throw in the fourth coaching. Excuse me. The the saints. Offense is terrific. The saints defense has been balling out and the special teams the punter hardly ever punts. And we'll let's of pretty good field goal kicker. I mean, everybody's complete right now. I don't understand what the hell that means most complete team. Okay. Reese -ly, right? What it means? It means when you watch them you don't see any weaknesses. So how how can we say the culture not the most complete team their offenses on tilt their defense? Hardly gave up a point this weekend in Houston. And it's Adam venit. Terry the goat special teams. I try to tell you we go that the colts were sleeping giant colts. And it could be the most complete team. The Cowboys are pretty damn complete team right now with everybody going off on offense. So you're saying I'm saying that's an over..

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