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When bananas because first of all tiffany came out wearing ugh slippers they were holding their they're holding shoes they are calling all that out so everybody in the night was like rallying for like a buddy comedy duo and i wrote a tweet has i am very observant about a better host the oscars last year and everybody agreed with me give you should host the austral mature they lived there was even a thought that perhaps they were just being tested about that would be fine 'cause i think they pass that tattoo you ever clipper people i do that if a clip set it up yeah i i'm going to i'm going to throw right now too little moment from the oscars during tiffany and maya i feel like us to be able to wear what i won't win know however many times out while islamic thought for breeze the on the rare court be for grocery trip in my whole team they told me tiffany you cannot wear that dress on snl you already ward is taboo to where it's wife and i think i'll give a dang about no taboo i spent a lot of money on this dressed stress caused mortgage this alexander mcqueen okay thousand on address i'm where distrust multiple so that's different had on snl is she were that dress well presenting with my rudolph and so like that she wore that dress she did she wore multiple times and the vessel thing is she didn't wear it on the red carpet either she where there's a beautiful tradition traditional eritrean dress on that she said was an honor father who passed away last year he was from eritrea and everything about tiffany had as good and that is why i want to talk about her all the time especially now is a funny isn't that beautiful isn't or something so endearing about wearing the same drowsiness knows you do meals i yeah it's called like who wouldn't alexander mcqueen here i mean i wish i i'm wearing it right now my own version i were the same over the shirt three times a week i can't even tell you often i wear this guardians so tiffany how does good yes bed this week armie hammer ono showed up to the oscars with a raging stomach flu armie hammer from called me by your name one of the week ovalles from the social network yes and he had the.

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