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The white house says president trump was left feeling furious and disgusted by after claims by his former top advisor steve bannon in a new book white house press secretary sarah sanders complained the book contained outrageous and quote completely false claims against the president his administration and his family the criticism was spurred by the unflattering book by michael wolff that paints trump as a leader who doesn't understand the weight of the presidency of virginia legislative election that could determine which party controls the house is set to be decided by chance that's after an election a recount and a legal battle all failed to determine a winner virginia elections officials will conduct a blind drawing this morning to determine the winner of the 94 thehouse district contest the candidates are incumbent republican david yancey and democrat shelly simon's 25 degrees snowing in new york city the snow will end this evening with six to ten inches in its wake and brutally cold temperatures right now again 25 degrees coming up next eff area hits yemen we'll have a report from inside the country but first immigration is set to be a key issue in the upcoming italian election thousands of migrants from many african countries have settled in italy over the past two years or so in someplace as this has caused a lot of tension but in the city of bologna one project to integrate new arrivals his train noon in one of italy's finest starts making leather bags severe petite says has been to wheat meet one man whose life has been changed by it italian take immense brides in the odds of nature bags it takes patience and precision with his skill that's been passed down from generation so blessed focus said believe button this migrants reception centre near bologna asylum seekers for many african countries iran bracing tradition but will frazee i want our border sixteen apprentice us up being trained each of them is busy stitching sowing in new ha legit water obey as the sunlight pools through.

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