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I never thought of the idea of standing grid of starting grade, but that would be pretty interesting. The funny thing is that before we came in here Gord my jenness the same question. Oh, wow. Okay. You guys must be thinking about that. Yeah, you know, I, I've never even considered it for NASCAR, but I think it would be interesting. You know, I'm trying to think of another. They're mostly the stock car. Ish type of series are the ones that do rolling starts. But me and I would say the majority of motor sports majority of four wheel and two wheel motor sports. For that matter do do standing starts they do this, the tires cyst like, is it because the tires may be different in some air dynamic way to NASCAR than other other racing now, I don't even know why. I don't know. I think they just think it's more exciting because cars get going faster. I can't even imagine it would be highly entertaining to see store and start in NASCAR because there would just be mayhem. I mean, dude, spinning tires trying to get traction. I think it would be pretty damn exciting. It would be interesting to see. Yeah. Then they get into cars. It talked about the all new Mustang, what you thought about it. It's okay. Then they said, based on automating factors, latest Cup design, which one do you think it has the best looking car and then gives you the Mustang, the Camaro in the Camry? What did you put or are we not allowed to say it's like voting? I don't know. I put I put the Mustang look sweeter. I for me, it's a tossup. I kind of big the Camaro even though I liked the mustang's a car better. I like I dig the way that they made the nose on that Camaro. But I mean the center of the car looks at same. Yeah. And then the next one was based on each automatic facture is latest design. Which one do you think looks more like a stock car you would find in your dealership Camera on that one. Yeah. Well, yeah, I don't know. I mean, they'll do a good job on the nosecone. I mean, the nosecone looks like the car. It's just the middle of the car. It's it doesn't matter if it's a fusion or if it's whatever was before the tourists or Impala or alumina, or maxima, or whatever the hell Chevy uses. Monte-Carlo the Monte Carlo in these Monica, the center of the car all looks the same. So I mean, basically what they're asking which nose cone looks the most like regular car. So all they're asking you, then we get into other things. This is basically like your news rep of the weekend. They, you know, they really are like jumping around, aren't they and a weekly too, because here's the news before day. Were you aware the two thousand nineteen the name of the NASCAR Camping World truck series. We'll change the NASCAR gander, outdoor truck series. I was so hoping. When you said, are you aware? I thought you were going to say, are you aware that NASCAR has new leadership? Do you know why. You understand, we're making trophy outta tin cans again Trace trace -actly. -actly. That our CEO is drunk in a ditch somewhere. You understand. He was so suited that. He said he was Donald Trump study when you made that joke. Last week, I hadn't read that story at all. I read the gotta rest. I hadn't read the details of his interaction with the police. So I just thought you were just saying that like off, I didn't realize he said it. Oh my, do you know who I am? I'll get the Donald on you. I'll be pardoned. Damn, it's based on what you know may have heard. Please indicate whether you agree with each of the following about gander outdoors, because here's the, here's the questions because it's a NASCAR series sponsor gander. Outdoors would be a brand could relate to because of its NASCAR series sponsorship. I would be more likely to consider shopping at Gandhari outdoors a brand that belongs the NASCAR. That's just a sentence for come on. It's not a question a brand that is good fit with NASCAR. Okay. Again, that's segment NASCAR series sponsorship would give me a good impression of gander outdoors. Do you think they're fishing for them for the Cup series? Yes, or at least works more expansion. Here we go. Here's another one. As you may know speedway more Jesus is the soliloquy. I apologize. Speedway incorporated announced the whether guarantee the speedway, whether guarantee provides race fans, ultimate assurance, blah blah, blah, blah, blah fans with unused..

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