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Devotion. That joke's never gonna die. Undying devotion. That might be a problem. All right, next one, max trotter. I give those memes four fine fresh fried fish for you. Okay, sounds delicious. I am starving. All right, this next one, Elaine, shouts out to you. She goes, I give those memes Bitcoin maxis laughter at the idiocracy at Davos. Yes, this is the way, all right, this next one is Jay semina, Jason semina. I give those memes a bowl of coleslaw. Oh man, I want some barbecue. You're making me want barbecue now. Anyways, the next one, global nonsense. I give these memes $32,000 for one eth gas fee. Oof. Wrecked. Absolutely wrecked. This next one, Frank Arne. I give these memes one Nico finally not calling it legacy or mainstream, but instead calling it corporate press. Let's go. Let's go. We got time for two more opti. Okay, the score by Igor or Igor goes to score is shrinkflation. And let's see last one. Last one. BTC Berg have that sticker on my bumper. That's not a score, but okay. I think that's a score. Anyway. He has this sticker on his bumper. Oh, oh, there was everybody. Check out some of the Bitcoin telegram groups of party in there. Go to WW T me slash simply Bitcoin TV. There's more than 700 people in there. Also written version of this show, shout outs are awesome writers, rustin. Why not kids? Zach, Paul, we just got a macro guy joining us simply Bitcoin, baby. So definitely want to simply Bitcoin's dog. Dude, there's so many. There's so many. That's how you guys have to make a list. So guys, definitely check out simply Bitcoin dot news. You don't want to miss the written version of this show. Pure hot signal. Anyways, everybody, let's get to the software release. Let's do it. Bitcoin software release. Brought to you by cipher safe. Don't be that person that loses their Bitcoin seed due to fire damage, water damage, dog attacks, back up your generational Bitcoin wealth on steel and there's no better place to do it than the cipher grid by cipher safe. And now check out their new Bitcoin art. The Bitcoin rulex triangle only on cipher safe dot IO.

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