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Her call. For alderman Edberg to step down after superceding federal indictment was unsealed on Thursday, Burke was already facing charges when his ward reelected him in the past election. But she says this is different because these charges are more extensive might foot was asked, if she's concerned other aldermen could be indicted, a lot of speculation. Obviously in the median I want to get ahead of myself here. You know, of course, I have concern when I understand that. Former Ottoman Danny's the lease spent two years, wearing a wire Burks attorneys say the charges are unfounded, not based on actual evidence, and thirteen people, including the gunman were killed in Friday's mass shooting in Virginia Beach, man, walked into municipal building armed with long gun, a forty five caliber handgun began firing indiscriminately. Police chief James severa says the shooter won't have his name repeated. We do know the suspect is, we have not been successful notifying certain family members. Once we are able to do that. We will release his name once we're gonna mention his name once, and then he will be forever referred to as the suspect, because our focus now is the big money and respect to the victims in this case and to their families. And that is police chief James severa of Virginia Beach and. And congratulations to this year's inductees to the WGN radio. Walk of fame. John williams. Andrea, darlas Marlene wells and Sam.

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