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The camera intelligence it was because of the fact that had this kind of advanced technology that with I could be with I could like looking to the past looking to the future and if you're doing counterintelligence this is an ideal tool so so the Vatican worked very closely with the CIA and this technology even today you still use them this is where we get the kind of that mysterious pose by Q. referring to project Looking Glass why do you think the Vatican has to telescope observatory so I mean I've always found that to be weird Michael yes what was that the Vatican has those observatory they're in the Arizona at well one there and flow in in the Vatican or UN run itself hello folks and I am very interested in some of the ancient legends because the Vatican has Abbas library they they have the records from extinct old civilizations that long since collapse but they have all the records that life is Alexandria recklezz of its land to even even go further back to places like with Laurie hope of Gloria the records of these ancient civilization from the legend of these of that a possessed by the Vatican as well as the affect the Vatican has a lot of this I mean shouldn't the mice in a lot of our affection for that very interested in the stories about extraterrestrial visit the and these periodic inclusion of extraterrestrials into L. region of space and and how you you would actually have these cataclysmic turn of events at the end of every cycle of the Vatican has been very interested in that and so because we broaching the end of the cycle the Vatican observatory so I think that you know one of the major functions is to look for help fine that.

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