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The playoff and sure enough he rolled in iraq just roll that anybody who wants that you know what i mean i watched the last hour that you know why because i knew who was playing those are the two best in the world star star power star power you have to see it and it was it was very very entertaining so if anybody saw the golf larry's looking at me like i'm crazy but i'm not making that up while they're just so many great things to watch this week giant had nothing getting i haven't gotten too everything yeah here's how i watched the giants this weekend i watched the full slate of nfl this weekend very exciting wife's the mayweather mcgregor thinks saturday night air act recall yeah they were so it was ricky made a bolt cutter cash should recuse no question was was the crowds that member we were talking he's not going to bring home one my son's just in case it was a little rough it wasn't rough it was a rough in fact you know souza really well behaved group i mean ricky's rick he's been doing it for a while so he's got he's got proper security he's got this out his first rodeo yeah but yeah it was great night great night but what are the forty nine was unaware you wanna start today but the forty nine ers to me were the surprise of the nfl weekend i mean if you you know week three around the preseason the forty nine here's just manhandled the minnesota vikings last night and when i watched the first time i thought man pretty even game and obviously the vikings get the one point win on the last twopoint conversion there but when i watched it again when i at home on i mean the forty nine years dominated that game dominated that came hoyer hoyer was outstanding the old line played well the receivers stepped up the deal line the jailbreak against a pretty decent old line that that the vikings had minnesota any good well i mean they're all lines come together but they still valid poon and it was jailbreak on bradford early niners got three sacks in the.

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