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Pellett lots going on after the bell lots of, earnings us let's. Cut right to the chase Facebook started to see the first signs of user. Disenchantment in the midst of public. Scandals over, privacy and content revenue. In the average number of people going to see the site, daily during the, second quarter missing analyst projections. Facebook shares they are lower Ford is warning investors that it is going to be embarking on another restructuring four chairs selling off after ours Qualcomm says will abandon its forty four billion dollar bid to acquire rival chipmaker annex. XP, semiconductors a barring last-minute antitrust clearance. From China ending it's twenty month attempt to complete the largest. Ever deal in the semiconductor industry. Also says it will buy back up to. Thirty billion dollars in stock visa reporting third quarter adjusted EPS of a dollar twenty, estimates there one oh nine visa beating the. Highest estimates Las Vegas Sans posting second quarter earnings. That missed, analysts estimates Mattel taking. Another hit from the liquidation of toys r. us says revenue fell for. A fourth ST QUARTER also plans to cut twenty. Two percent of its corporate workforce it is getting. Rid of twenty two. Hundred jobs NASDAQ's at a record. Up ninety one a gain narrow of one point two percent s&p up twenty five gain of nine tenths of one percent the Dow up one hundred seventy two up seven tenths of. One percent tenured on five thirty seconds the yield, there two point. Nine six percent gold up six tenths of one percent twelve thirty one the. Ounce west Texas intermediate crude of. One point, two percent sixty nine. Thirty seven a barrel I'm Charlie pelletan that is a Bloomberg, business flash thank, you so much Charlie Pellett. So many headlines as you mentioned and one that I wanted to make sure we brought to you which involves Biogen and Alzheimer's by Jenin it's partner I say are set they said today that a phase two trial of. One, of its drugs it's Alzheimer's drugs? For pay With. An early early Alzheimer's disease slowed. The progression the disease by thirty percent at eighteen months that was compared to what analysts had expected to be twenty to twenty five percent at twelve months so a pretty. Dramatic move, there and, drawing a. Lot of attention for Biogen investors and candidly that a lot of people. Out there who are afflicted Yeah no people afflicted by Alzheimer's. Significant developments DACA we've seen it bounce around a little bit here in the, after. Both higher, and lower are you're listening to Bloomberg markets Burke.

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