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I think there's guy on the other couch. There it was a heavyweight happy to to make $50,000 a month. So this week in Bellator, musasi is fighting John Salter should be a good fight. Everyone's I'm thinking John Salter, I mean, he's a guy that he's what his last like, nine or ten fights. His only loss was to a guy who they were off the best guy in the world but the guy had the kind of a brain aneurysm. I'm thinking John Salter for the upset, you McCorkle, I'm going to solve things I've ever even. Heard of other guy, gotta go with what I know the same with you. Greg sure where we at. What are we going home? Yeah, one of the one guy is going to be the other guy and nobody's going to go for Bellator. One guy is going to beat the other guy. Wow. Well, I got to look it up now, they'll be find it. Musashi versus John Salter. Oh yeah, yeah, I gotta go with what with Sean's assessment. I've heard of Wisconsin wage. I don't know, it's alter so I don't really know this championship fights. Yeah, he lost half of the bottle. That was a long time ago and then the 4th for that he had lost his in like since 2010. So sounds of wondering that is this week where I mean I'm trying to show time okay I'm going to Rufio thoughts is a great fighter. Him on the show as fighting ma Gomez, Gomez Was Eighteen and one roof eons 15 and one that you defied I like that should be a very good friend. I am in the PFF, Jack's should be a commute that. All right, so and the this week Thursday, All right, you got it. Also on the 13th on Friday. Ray Cooper, the third Hawaiian do to win the million dollars last year, he beat David, Michaud of the final seems to knock everyone out. This guy, it's fighting, Rory MacDonald in the playoffs. Should be a good fight. Rory MacDonald is fucking serial killer, he's ripped. Now, he's got a whole camp with Timmy, come into pfl, unlikely was his first two fights. Now he won his first fight, he lost a second against placement email, but he really won that fight. I don't know what they were thinking, the same thing, but and then also on this card clay-colored, he's the guy that beat Anthony Pettis he's on the card. He Valla, pardon Curtis millender, used to be in the UFC off, so yeah, yeah, this is the fights in both the pfl. The FL has a weird. You know, they have all these like three weeks in a row. They take like three months off and then I play all starts again. They gotta find some kind of orange juice. Right, seems like I think we almost half. I think if they're Fighters a chance to to, to, to heal, you know, cuz they're fighting this tournament style, which means they're locked into the guys that they thought, I think they just gotta give them time, you know. I I don't think they really have a I mean they could force it to be a lot faster, but you end up with guy, you know, having people four different fights left and right. Because then because of the injuries right? B, f l trade, more millionaires, a year than the FCS I guess the craziest thing ever. I don't know. It's true. It's crazy. Yeah. But they also have like six guys in the roster, but, yeah, but you're right. It is crazy also. Randy Couture hopes to pfl, bring down to fight someone night, twenty twenty year. And he's an old-school guy, you know, Randy back of the day was a monster, just.

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