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Up to one scrimmage and he had his visor on and i was i just looked at him like you know that was my first time and i said okay i'm i'm not i'm playing against syracuse anymore right right and and i think that the people listening you know when you watch him play you know you watch it and nfl game on tv you know and you go man those guys are really good and then it's not to get on the sideline or to your actually close to them and you see like you said a six foot four three hundred and thirty pound guy that can run faster than any guy you've ever played with and i mean just it's hard to believe isn't remarkable so going going going fast forward a little bit what what was it like when you found out you were going to get your first start because a lot of times you know when you're on the sideline you know and you're not the starter and something happens in the game and you know and coach comes over says hey let's go that's one thing but when you got to sleep at night and you got you're going to wake up the next morning and you know you're starting sunday afternoon thanksgiving day whatever the case may have been in the nfl what's that night's sleep like yeah i mean it's a totally different animal you'll hear a guy a lot of guys you know i'm just going to treat this like every other week and that you try to but it's impossible truly impossible you know the night before i the first star i ever got was in my third year in the nfl and we we were bad football team and i knew it and pretty early on at that became apparent and i just remember it was on the road at minnesota and i tried to do everything i could that we could be normal everything i could that day leading up to that saturday before the game leading up to it and i remember going to bed the night before and just as i decided to like finally get to sleep.

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