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Why? I don't see how it puts the squeeze on us. I think it's puts the squeeze. Our suppliers are all in China. Well no not all I mean we have. We have some people have gone to alternatives. There's India does Vietnam and apparently some American fact. This actually brings me to a point that I was going to bring up later but I wanNA do it now. I watched the documentary. American factory familiar with this documentary. Yes and it was. Who was the people behind it? It was it was the OBAMAS. Yes well actually it's participant media And that-that's Jeff Skoll. That's the you know the pay pal Guys that's all. Their money came from Semi Elon. Musk type crowd. But Jeff's goal is a very elite And then if you if you watch documentary stars participant media then much later on you get a little higher ground productions not really a big deal so is more to me like a a stamp of approval in fact it took a little bit of the trailer and the Oscar goes to. I'm sorry this is not the trailer. They won the Oscar for best documentary. I guess I will play this. And the Oscar goes to American factory. This is the first Oscar and separate nomination for Stephen Buzzer the first Austrian poor nomination. Julia the first win and nomination for riper notice. You don't hear any Obama name in here at all whatsoever..

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