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Pills in a very weird place. Dangerous place. Okay that more headlines. Coming up next. Keep it here south Florida morning show. It's traffic and weather together on the five. What's going on there? We'll take a look at your drive this morning. Looks like traffic is at a standstill on the turnpike northbound between beeline highway and PGA also looking at an accident blocking the left lane on southern boulevard, eastbound approaching an-any five and an accident central boulevard north of PGA. This report is sponsored by Val, Spar paint is the right paint to get the job done right end this Memorial Day. Get it for the right price. At Lowe's with fifteen gallon of painter stain. And forty five off a pale Faust part, when you do it, right. You can't go wrong. Offer valid now through may twenty ninth via mail in rebate. Exclusions apply. Ceelo's dot com slash paint for details. That's eight fifty W L traffic. Chris Farrell for CBS twelve news. Beautiful Tuesday weather underway. Our skies are mostly sunny and we'll stay mainly sunny throughout the entire day only twenty percent chance for just an isolated shower, the high near eighty seven with light east win ten miles an hour. Tonight, slow seventy five for Wednesday. Also, mostly sunny, the high near eighty seven only isolated shout. Update real news. With no spin weekdays at noon, on news talk eight fifty. F T, L financial guys. Hi. My name is Derek Schwartz, owner, noble shoes in Palm Beach gardens and Delray Beach. I've a few quick questions to ask. They're not difficult to answer it all, so please pay close attention. I one what makes us human. Why do we dream this time travel exist? Why is the universe made of matter and not anti-matter? Does that even matter? Do I matter this ativan matter?.

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