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You and your money do you recall and what once again to investors and John Gary Kaltbaum your host a thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening normally today would be tax day April fifteenth two thousand and twenty for Wednesday but they have moved that ninety days down the road from what I hear I filed my taxes a week ago usually I get them done in February I'm all done anyway you got ninety days Hey all this is a show about everything but specifically we guide you through markets and the economy now what is we usually use the term employment and jobs now with unemployment and lack of jobs for obvious reasons and everything else that matters and not you know we are dead serious about what we do we used inject comedy into the show we're not so short comedy is a good thing right now but hopefully you're enjoying what we're doing if you do not get the show in the city go to Gary K. dot com listen live archive were like six or six PM eastern time Monday through Friday also Kerry cannot come you can follow me on Twitter just press the button with whatever Kerry called bomb you can email me just be nice no really we are commentary for like here we're doing like they're here to.

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