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Learn more about the WPA Carey business graduate programs Jaka Pertile who got the start here this afternoon off the bench Patty mills had fourteen he. Was five of nine the field Barco bell and Allie with eleven points and six four Dante Cunningham Powell assault plates. Seven minutes in today's game and got five Quincy pond, Dexter. She Metsu Andrew Eubanks all played. But did not score. Rudy gay was scratched because of a left ankle sprain. In double figures for the jazz all five of their starters led by the twenty three points from Donovan Mitchell, but he was nine of twenty two that feel not the best game for Donovan Mitchell. Got a lot of his points late after the decision had already been rendered sixteen points for Ricky Rubio will also had six assists and six rebounds twenty three points for Donovan Mitchell is mentioned vertigo bear twenty one points thirteen boards. Two blocks and four assists for Rudy Gobert eleven points seat for Joe Ingles. Derrick favors off the bench. Royce O'neil Titus season-high with seventeen nine points or Jae Crowder. Kyle Korver had five four for hall Netto. And then at the end of the bench lake Grayson Allen had five torch Neang had three it adds up to one twenty five for the jazz one zero five for the Spurs. And now the Spurs will try to regroup a little bit. They're gonna come home for about twenty four hours. We mentioned and then head out to Memphis on Monday. So the game Tuesday night at Memphis will be seven o'clock start. We'll be on the air at six thirty with Spurs radio game night as the radio row triple role on. But that's just the one game trip, then the all-star break occurs. And then the triple pick back up on February twenty-second of Friday night at Toronto that'll be a six o'clock start on Friday night, February twenty-second at Toronto. And then a Sunday game at New York against the Knicks. That'll be a six thirty start a Sunday evening game from Madison Square Garden in New York. Crowd watched this one eighteen thousand three oh six and they see the jazz beat the Spurs two out of three this season. So they take the rubber match of the three game season series. One. Final.

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